10 things to make sure you do before you leave for the cabin.

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Are you a cabin family? 

Most weekends in the Summer you slip away to your humble oasis on the lake or in the woods. Taking time to relax and recuperate. 

Well, if this sounds like you, we’d like to remind you of the 10 things you should do prior to “heading to the lake.” These tips may help you avoid a catastrophe at home while you’re gone. 

Get a homesitter.  

Especially if you’re going to be gone for more than just a few days, seek out the help of a friend or neighbor to just check in on your home. You can have them look for signs of entry, odd smells, or just anything out of the ordinary. 

Or a security system. 

Security systems can be wonderful and powerful options when it comes to keeping your home monitored. We recommend getting one that you have access to, and get notified if there is movement in the home. 

Shut off the water.

One of the easiest things to do before you leave is shut off your water. If a pipe bursts, and you’re not present to turn the water off, it can only take seconds for your home to be flooded.

Get your carpet cleaned. 

Although you likely won’t want to have this done while you’re gone, having your carpet cleaned right before you leave for the weekend is a good idea. This gives your carpet time to dry while your family is away. 

Check your insurance. 

Some catastrophes can be avoided, while others can’t. For the times you can’t avoid an issue, it’s best to make sure you’re covered. We recommend that you check with your insurance agent to see if you have a sump & sewer endorsement on your policy. 

Keep off social media. 

Use your time away to enjoy the rest and relaxation. If you can, avoid posting too much online about your being away. Depending on your social media privacy settings, you may be highlighting to the world (burglars) that your home is empty.

Play mailman or mailwoman. 

Have your neighbors play mailman or mailwoman for you while you’re away. Have them collect your mail for you, ensuring that any valuable items are protected while you’re gone. 

Plan for the worst. 

If something does go wrong at your home, what is your plan. We know you can’t plan for everything, but you can put some protective measures in place. We recommend that you at least bring with you a list of emergency resources if you’re going to be gone (insurance agent, cleaning company, handyman, etc.).

Leave a key. 

Someone who is close to your home should have access to get inside in case of an emergency. We recommend that you leave a key with a neighbor or family member who can get to your home fast if need be.  

Have a sensor light (outside). 

By installing a sensor light outside of your home, you’re creating a situation for your neighbors to notice any unusual (or unexpected) behavior. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to keep your home protected. 

Obviously, there are more than 10 things you should do before heading to your cabin this Summer, but we wanted to share a few of our favorites. Please be careful as you travel, attentive to both where you’re going and what you’re leaving behind.

-Green Clean Team

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