3 Winning Strategies to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

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♪ Make new friends, but keep the old. ♪ ♫ One is silver and the other is gold. ♫

This old tune comes to mind this time of year when we’re looking at flipping the page on the calendar to a clean slate.

What is your biggest goal for 2015?

We’d like to leave a mark on our profession, so we have plans to make things happen. We’re movin’ and shakin’. Stay tuned here on our blog as things unfold in 2015!

When we think back on all of the things that made 2014 good, it helps us envision what could make the New Year even better than the last.

We suggest the following:

  • PLAN more. As the use of technology increases to make our lives easier, it seems like they are more busy and complicated than ever. It’s not that the technology doesn’t help. It does. It all takes time to learn and assimilate. While ignoring how quickly things are changing is easy in the short-term, it’s not a good long-term strategy. Managing our days is more important than ever to remain effective in all areas of our lives. Planning doesn’t need to be high tech. It can be done with a plain old piece of paper and a pencil. Whether you’re planning to retire early or just make it through the day, it’s good to have a plan in writing. Even though it’ll change, there’s no better way to feel “in control.”
  • PURSUE more. Set big goals and believe that you can achieve them. This takes courage. It’s not for the faint of heart. Getting the most out of yourself, your life and your business means taking on challenges. It means wanting more and having the courage to go after it. This, of course, means you must plan. Planning saves you much more time than it takes to do it. So, while you’re planning, remember to take a few extra minutes on a regular basis to dream about what’s next for you and your family and how best to get there.
  • PLAY more. We’re on this planet for a short time. None of us knows how long. There are no promises, so the best promise to us seems like it should be made to enjoy all the good things you have… health, family, wealth, and the freedom to build a better life. The most precious things in life are free. We encourage you to plan more time to pursue playful moments with family and friends that will build good memories—a legacy.

All three of these suggestions are things that build a life well-lived, and that is what we wish you in the coming year! Make the most of all your opportunities and be well.

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