4 incredibly simple cleaning precautions that will help protect your family and guests this holiday season.

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This year has been challenging for many.

And because of quarantining and social distancing, many individuals haven’t been able to see their loved ones very much, if at all. 

Which got us thinking. As we inch closer to the holiday season, many families are navigating this question: should we have, host or attend a holiday party this year, and if so, how can we do that safely? 

While we can’t necessarily answer the question of whether or not you should go, we’d like to take a moment to provide a few simple cleaning precautions you can take to protect your family and guests this holiday season. 

These precautions are intended to keep you clean, safe and healthy. 

Mind your distance. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the CDC and other health experts have recommended that we social distance. While we 100% stand behind this recommendation, the terminology is a little misleading. What social distancing really means is that we should practice physically distancing (6ft when possible, especially when we’re not wearing a mask). So if you choose to be socially together this holiday season, one precaution you should consider is to mind your physical distance. Even if you’re spending your holiday parties with family and friends, it’s wise to still follow those guidelines as much as possible.


In order to effectively remove germs and bacteria, including viruses, it’s important that you follow the correct cleaning process. This means cleaning with the appropriate surface agitation (scrubbing, scraping, etc.) and disinfecting for the recommended amount of dwell time. And while many households have and do follow these cleaning measures, many unfortunately, do not. Thus, we strongly recommend that you bring your own disinfectant to any holiday parties you attend this year. If nothing else, it serves as a precaution should your party not have the appropriate cleaning supplies, or you’re following the appropriate cleaning process. 

To learn more about what disinfectants you should be using and how to appropriately use them, check out this recent blog post

Have an exit strategy.

Okay, we don’t mean you should plan an escape out the back door from your parties this year. Instead, we recommend that you take the precaution of having a plan for what it looks like to come home (or to have people leave your home) after the party. Specifically, think about the places that your home or person may be contaminated after being together. A few precautions to consider include immediately washing your clothes and person, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing highly trafficked areas of your home, especially surfaces, and thinking about professionally cleaning your home’s largest filter, its carpet (schedule with us this month to receive 25% off your carpet cleaning). Having an exit strategy can help provide peace of mind and a clean, safe and healthy home. 

Have the tough conversation. 

It’s no secret. Many families have differing views of the appropriate measures to take during this global pandemic. With this in mind, it’s important to have a conversation that sets expectations for your holiday party; a conversation where your thoughts, feelings and concerns are heard. A few topics you may wish to discuss include hugging, wearing masks, sitting at tables together, how the food is served, and what the appropriate cleaning supplies will be present. While these discussions can be sometimes difficult to navigate, they’re still important to have; especially prior to the party happening. By taking this precaution, you’re doing your due diligence to ensure that everyone remains safe when together. 

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging year. 

We hope that with these precautions you’ll not only be prepared to determine if attending holiday parties is for you this year, but that if you do, you’ll feel prepared enough to attend with confidence. 

Ultimately, we hope you stay clean, safe and healthy. 

-Green Clean Team

P.S. A few things we do recommend you do either before or after your holiday parties this year include air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and deep surface cleaning & sanitization. If you’d like some resources for these, please give our team a call.

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