5 Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

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Spring is here! Now that the weather reflects the season, push away winter’s doldrums with these 5 projects.

  1. Spring Cleaning: getting rid of winter’s dust is hard work, but it can really refresh your home.  Whether you do a deep cleaning, or you just give the place a good tidying up, spring cleaning is an excellent way to bid winter goodbye as you welcome in the unfettered days of spring and summer.
    1. Vacuum
    2. Work top-to-bottom and hardest-to-easiest
    3. Make a Checklist
  2. Put up a spring mantel/shelf display: is your mantel/shelves still covered in pine garlands and red candles? It’s time to change it up.  Bring spring into your living room by creating a totally spring-centric display.
    1. Reflect earthy colors found in nature, not just pastels or the bright palette of summer
    2. Abstract art, vintage flair or cute, but classic looks
    3. Flowers, real or fake, add a outdoor look inside
  3. Clean and prep your deck: wintertime weather gives wooden decks a beating.  Fortunately, there are easy steps to cleaning and prepping your deck for spring.
    1. Use an oxygen-based cleaner like Penofin
    2. Use power washer to rinse away dirt and grime
    3. Use a protectant to help shine and protect the clean deck
  4. Start an herb garden: there might not be leaves on the trees yet, but adding some green plants to your house will bring spring indoors.  Pep up your home with a small indoor garden.  Herbs like rosemary and basil are easy to grow, and edible, too!
    1. Mason Jar Vertical Herb Garden
    2. Mini Kitchen Herb Garden with Bunting
    3. Shoe Bag Vertical Garden
  5. Get Spring Home Maintenance on: from cleaning out the gutters to having a heating and air conditioning expert tune up your HVAC system (we recommend All Climate Mechanical), spring home maintenance will get the winter dust and doom out of your home, and will give you a feeling of having a fresh start.

www.care2.com, Chaya – April 2013

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