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A New Year’s Greeting from Jason Schroeck, co-owner of Green Clean

Depending on how old you are and where you grew up, you may remember much simpler times. A time when nearly everything about life was much less complex. There were fewer people, fewer demands on our time, fewer choices, and fewer chemicals. And no cable tv!

You could say that one of the things that drew me toward green cleaning is that I grew up with it on an organic farm where my parents grew grains and fresh produce. There were a couple of cows and goats for milk. They still farm a lot of fresh produce, and the land has been mainly converted to prairie plants to supply Prairie Moon Nursery, a large prairie nursery that specializes in many species.

After several years in the cleaning and restoration business, exposure to harsh carpet cleaning chemicals were taking their toll. If these chemicals were making me sick, I wondered how they were they good for cleaning.

That’s when I got it. I completely understood my dad’s philosophy. It made sense and not just with food but with everything in the environment.

You see, my father told me long ago about problems from chemicals (like chronic disease and cancers) especially from overuse of pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals in foods.

Over the past twenty years or so, I have noticed a shift in peoples’ awareness of the chemicals they are putting into their bodies.

Organic produce is more prevalent today than ever. Food Coops and larger stores like Whole Foods that offer organic produce are growing by leaps and bounds.

I don’t know exactly who you are reading this blog, but I think that we may have these things in common:

  • We recognize that chemicals are not going any place soon.
  • We are aware that chemical companies are moving full speed ahead creating more and more toxic chemicals and pumping them into the environment often without much testing.
  • We believe, albeit begrudgingly, that some chemicals do have their place in the world, but they should be used sparingly and with great care.
  • We understand that they build up in the body over time.
  • We see that this puts all of us in harm’s way, especially our youngest citizens—our children.
  • We want to restore a healthier environment starting in our homes.

We’ve just come out of 2014 and had downtime to reflect on what went well and what we’d do differently in the New Year with its clean slate. We’re proud of what we’ve done to shape Green Clean into the industry leader it is today, but there’s much more to be done.

I’ve been in the business for almost two decades and co-owner Rhett Trotter for about the same. The changes we’ve witnessed in how we get business astound us some days, on those rare occasions when we have time to slow down and think about it.

We believe the Internet is great yet it still confounds us some days how people actually find us when there are over 8000 Google searches for carpet cleaning in the Twin Cities each month, from what we understand. It’s amazing.

So we wondered if you might ever wonder how someone goes online to find a good carpet cleaner.

Some of the things we think are really important questions to ask when searching are:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • How much experience do they have in cleaning industry?
  • What is their expertise? In other words, what are they really good at?
  • Does what they do well fit with what you’re looking for?
  • What is their pricing structure? Is it by the room or by square foot?
  • Another common thing you’d probably want to know is how quick can the company come out? Can they come right away, or are they really busy and not available for next couple weeks?
  • Does the company move furniture?
  • What is their guarantee? Do they even have one?
  • What do their online reviews say?

Rhett and I would like to thank you for stopping by our blog. We are always excited to hear from anyone who has questions about carpet cleaning or restoration and hope you’ll post them below or give us a call. If you respond below, we’ll answer.

Happy New Year!

Jason Schroeck and Rhett Trotter, co-owners Green Clean

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