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Green Clean offers free in-home estimates for carpet and upholstery cleaning. This gives you the opportunity to have your carpeted areas accurately measured while receiving the exact cost to clean your carpets. If there are areas you do not wish to have cleaned, we will measure around those specific areas and you pay accordingly. Phone estimates are quick and easy ways to get a rough estimate of your carpet cleaning, but in-home estimates will give you the exact pricing to have your carpets cleaned.

In-home estimates for upholstery cleaning offer the same benefits. Upholstery cleaning processes are different for various fabrics. Having Green Clean come to your home and estimate upholstery cleaning will give you the exact price as we are able to assess the fabric and determine the appropriate cleaning method for the type of fabric. If you are looking to have your upholstery cleaned, look for the tag that is usually on the platform of the furniture. Typically the furniture will have labeled ‘S-code’ or ‘W-code’. This helps determine the cleaning method for the upholstery. Knowing if the furniture is ‘S-code’ or ‘W-code’ will help us give you a more approximate estimate over the phone. However, in-home estimates are the best way for you to know exactly the cost of our services for your specific needs.

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