Green Carpet Cleaning takes hold in Minneapolis/St.Paul

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During the past few months the interest in Green Cleaning alternatives has increased dramatically. All of the major chemical manufacturers are introducing Green Cleaning products for both Carpet Cleaning and Hard Surface Cleaning. We have definitely entered a time of change! With the dire economic times and the effects of global warming in the news on a daily basis people are not just watching there pocket books but their also shopping for Green and not just for jobs. It’s great to see that people are finally taking an interest in using quality chemical free cleaning products in their homes. Not only does it help insure the health of their families but it also helps protect the environment. It’s a win win situation all the way around. The people that stand to lose are the companies that aren’t willing to change to meet the times. If you’re looking for a great Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service you can contact Green Clean Carpet.Care.Restoration. At 612-789-9600 or find us on the web at For a great in home cleaning service contact Green Darlene at 612-232-6573 or on the web at

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