Household Carpet Cleaning Products can contaminate your home.

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Carpet Cleaning and other household cleaning supplies found in homes and schools can expose children and pets to multiple chemicals that are links to asthma, cancer and a host of other health problems and to dozens of other air contaminants that have never been tested for safety.

 Lax labeling requirements mean that consumers don not have any idea what they are purchasing. Many would be alarmed to learn that a product like Comet Powder Cleanser releases more than a hundred air contaminants including chloroform, benzene, and formaldehyde. This is just one product many other contaminants that are found in many households.

 Below are some links to reports from Environmental working group that will help educate the consumer on making wise decisions. For Eco-friendly Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning tips go to  or call 763-789-9600 for advice.

 Get answers in our FAQ: We answer common questions about chemicals in cleaning supplies and their possible effects on your health. 

Check out our report — you’ll learn more about the products we tested, the 457 chemicals they released into the air, and how you can limit your exposures.

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