Is Indoor Air Pollution Making Your Family Sick?

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The most important way you can prevent your home from making your family sick is to protect them against indoor air pollution. This is a challenge for everyone in America.

Indoor Air Pollution and Newer Homes

Home construction changed during the energy crisis in the early 1970s to become “tighter.” While this saves money in energy costs, it exacts a price elsewhere.

You spend the majority of your time indoors. If your home has a tighter building envelope air pollutants get trapped inside your home and indoor air pollution could be making your family sick. Likewise, remember that schools and businesses have also been built with different standards to conserve energy.

Indoor air quality in homes can be much more polluted than some of the worst areas. That is because of off-gassing from building materials, flooring, and plastics. If you smoke, that may also contribute to making your family sick.

Chemicals used to manufacture many common household cleaning products, personal care products, and other items used around the home on a regular basis, like glue can also degrade the quality of indoor air

Indoor Air Pollution and Older Homes

After reading the above, you’d think that older homes are better for health, but there are measures that must be taken to ensure that they are not making your family sick, as well.

Maintenance is a key factor in good indoor air quality. Since older homes are often in need of repairs, water damage is a real threat. Undetected water in basements, walls, and ceilings can turn to mold. This can happen over time, but it can also be the result of a looser building envelope. [repeat link above]

Mold is not always easy to spot or remove. While you can remove some mold yourself, there are times when it’s best to call a professional water damage restoration company.

Carpet greatly affects indoor air quality and must be well-maintained. Most carpet companies require professional cleaning with the hot-water extraction method every 12 to 18 months in order to keep your warranty in force. This is a green method of cleaning carpet that does not introduce additional chemicals into your home.

How to Keep Indoor Air Pollution from Making Your Family Sick

Your family’s health is your responsibility regardless of whether you live in a new or older home. Your circumstances are unique and must be addressed as such by any home service providers that you choose to work with.

We recommend working with an IICRC-certified technician whenever you’re having your carpet cleaned or mitigating mold because they have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of how their work supports your family’s health.

When you’re inhaling around 15,000 quarts of air every single day, you want it to be clean. Just like clean water is vital to quality of life, so is clean air.

If you would like a referral to one of our trusted partners who can help you protect your home from indoor air pollution or restore air quality, please give us a call.

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