Is Your House Warning You That Your Sewer Line is Clogged?

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Could life be any better?

Imagine that it’s an exquisite Saturday morning. No need for you to scramble out the door to get to work on time. The kids are with grandma. (Ode to Joy)

As the washing machine finishes the last load for today, you’re parked on the couch in front of an open window, reveling in the cool morning breeze. It washes over your body, magically molding the fluffy cushions to you.

You think about the last time you had an opportunity to have the house all to yourself as your eyelids begin losing the battle to stay open.

The vague sound of percolating coffee is fading into the distance. And in your grogginess, you smile, remembering how your husband loves to sneak out of bed and do nice things like make coffee to brighten your day…

Then reality bites.

Your eyes pop open and shoot to the left, your body frozen in the realization that your husband is on a fishing trip, and you don’t have an automatic coffeemaker.

Your heart sinks as you wonder if the sewer line is clogged.

Perfect day altered.

Feet on floor, racing to the bathroom.

You feel horrible. After all, just a couple of days ago you wondered if something might be going on. You spotted a little water around the floor drain and brushed it off.

Upon approach, you own the fact that the sound is coming from the toilet. Sure enough, it’s bubbling away as you wonder, Now what?

You’re kicking yourself for thinking it might just go away.

What do you do in a situation like this?

If you guessed that what you don’t do is throw in another load of wash, you got that right. You need to relieve the water pressure and, unfortunately, that means turning off the water in your house until the problem is resolved. It’s important in case the sewer line is clogged because you don’t want to risk sewage backup.

The only alternative to turning the water to the house off is to remove the cap from your sewer clean-out line. You may not have access to that. You might not want to do it even if you did. No one would blame you.

Not acting quickly could result in potentially ruinous water damage. Restoration services can add up quickly.

Two signs your sewer line is clogged that you never want to ignore are:

  1. Toilets that percolate or gurgle after the wash cycle finishes.
  2. Bathtubs or basements that fill up from the drain when you run water from anywhere else in the house. (To test this, it’s easier to work with another person.)

Your home has a main sewer line with secondary lines tied to it.

  • If you have an older home, the most common cause that your sewer line is clogged is that they have broken down due to tree roots.
  • If you have a newer home, it’s more likely that thicker toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, or paper towels have plugged things up.

The first thing you should do is have a drain (sewer line cleaning) company  come out and try to clear the clog. This typically runs around $150.00. Don’t go for a camera inspection unless they’re unable to determine what’s causing the line to remain blocked.

We hope that the above will be all the tips you will need if your sewer line is clogged and that you won’t require more expensive repairs or even water damage restoration mn services.

If you find yourself in a situation that leaves you wondering if your sewer line is clogged, feel free to give us a call.

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