Some important reasons to have your carpet cleaned after Winter.

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It’s Spring.


You can celebrate.   

We survived another period of time where weather-wise we probably shouldn’t have.

But did your carpet?

Here are the most important reasons to have your carpet cleaned in the Spring.

Eliminate infestations.

Dust mites are quite common throughout the year, and can lead to infestations in your homes. As Spring arrives, this new season offers the opportunity to freshen up everything (air, carpet, etc.). A deep carpet cleaning can eliminate the infection of dust mites that may have collected over the Winter.

Allergens are everywhere.

Pollen, mold, and other allergens are the most prevalent in the Spring months. With this in mind, we recommend that you vacuum your home twice per week (when possible). This vacuuming, along with a deep carpet cleaning from our team will help remove allergens that a vacuum won’t collect. Both of these methods will help your family members who struggle with asthma or allergies.

Kids are in school.

This benefit often goes unnoticed, but your kids are still in school. Because of this, having your carpet cleaned is a little bit less logistically challenging. Along with the logistics, it’s nice for your kids (once they are home for the Summer) to have a clean carpet to play on.

It’ll look better.

Often times, carpet stains collect over the Winter months. Whether it was from snow, mud, or Spring rain, we can help you make it – your carpet – look better. Although we can’t remove every stain, in many cases we can provide a nice facelift to the freshness and appeal of your carpet; especially after a long Winter.

If you’re looking to have your carpet cleaned this Spring, connect with our team today. We’d be honored to help you eliminate infestations and allergies before your kids are back from school; also giving you the freshness only a Spring cleaning can provide.

-Green Clean Team

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