Wet Carpet in Basements

Category: Water Damage Restoration

In spring, summer, and fall, wet or flooded basements can be a common occurrence especially when melting or heavy rains occur.

This most commonly happens when water seeps in through the foundation or when a sump pump malfunctions. When Carpet gets wet the first reaction is to remove the water or call a carpet cleaner to get the carpets cleaned. It’s definitely important to remove the water but cleaning the carpets isn’t enough. The carpet should be pulled back  the padding should be removed and the carpet should be dried out as quickly as possible. By using High Velocity Airmovers and Inustrial Dehumidifiers carpet can typically be dried within 24 hours or less.

In addition walls, insulation and other structural materials should be checked for moisture. By following the proper procedures excessive mold contamination can be avoided.

When you are looking for more water damage tips, come back and visit our blog.  If you find yourself in a water damage emergency, call our emergency 24 hour hotline.

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