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It’s no secret that there are many chemicals in use today that haven’t been tested well enough to know the long-term impact on human health.

Some of these chemicals are used in furniture as flame retardants. Three reporters at the Chicago Tribune won Pulitzer Prize finalist status when they released a multiple-article series “Playing with Fire” several years ago, which exposed a long trail of questionable ethics in the flame retardants industry.

Our first newsletter of this year discussed the hot topic of flame retardants. (Call us to request a copy.) They received a major setback in November 2013 when California Governor Jerry Brown revised Technical Bulletin 117 (“TB 117”). TB 117 required that all California furniture manufacturers inject flame retardant chemicals into all upholstered furniture produced in the state for sale within the state.

The law was created in the 70s and was to affect only upholstered furniture built for sale in California. It was overkill then, and the chemicals that have been injected into our daily lives as a result of this legislation are taking their toll.

Money is at stake, and the multimillion dollar chemical companies (“Big Chem”) are pushing hard to reverse the California decision. Meanwhile, more chemicals are showing up in products made for babies and children, including nursing pillows, car seats, and nap mats used in day cares and schools. They are also showing up in breast milk.

Every household is affected by the use of these chemicals, whether children are present or not. We know this can’t change overnight, and we want to be part of the solution by helping you reduce toxins in your home.

When Rhett and I started Green Clean, we knew that it is impossible to completely avoid the use of chemicals in some of the work we do. We vowed, though, to do all we can to minimize their use and educate our clients and prospective customers on various options, which we know plenty of our competitors do not.

Yes, we hope to make a decent living doing what we do. We don’t believe that earning that living has to come at the expense of people’s health and environment, however. We know that one simple reason to clean green wherever possible is to begin turning the table back in favor of solutions that do no harm to either health or environment.

We know how much you care for your children’s health, as well as your own. You want to know more about how to protect it as well as learn more. We’re doing our best to support that.

One thing we recommend doing because we do it ourselves, is to use non-toxic cleaners around the house. Since you can’t avoid toxic chemicals, it makes sense to protect your family from toxic chemicals in common household products such as Lysol and bleach. You’ll be hearing more about that from us in days to come.

What are you doing right now that you feel gives you greater control over your family’s health in a world that seems to rely more and more on chemicals? Please leave a comment for us below, and we’ll respond.

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