4 carpet maintenance tips you shouldn’t ignore.

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We’re self proclaiming 2019 to be the year of better carpet maintenance.

We know it’s not the most sexy of trends to be starting, but it’s important nonetheless. In this blog we’ll highlight 4 maintenance tips you shouldn’t be ignoring this year, and why those tips are important in keeping your carpet fresh, clean, and protected.

Get a good doormat.

Contrary to your initial thought, a good doormat can be a wonderful carpet maintenance aid. Especially in the Winter months (although also relevant in Summer), a doormat can help collect items like snow, slush, dirt, and other unwanted items, before they enter your home; and collect in your carpet.

Have an emergency kit.

Spills, stains, tears, and more are bound to happen to your carpet. By golly, it’s meant to be lived on. We recommend having an emergency kit of cleaning materials (consisting of your carpet manufacturer’s recommendations) handy at all times. Remember, the best time to restore carpet is right after the issue happens.

Vacuum more than normal.

Vacuuming isn’t the most fun, we get it. However, to best maintain your carpet, it’s important that you vacuum more than normal; especially in the highly trafficked areas. Our team recommends that you vacuum twice per week if possible.

*One additional note here: it’s worth investing in a quality vacuum. Poor vacuum quality will not suffice the cleaning needed to maintain your carpet.

Be a little strategic.

There are certain areas of your house that will automatically be prone to wear and tear. So, be a little strategic. Place a run over your carpet in areas that are highly trafficked, or use furniture coasters underneath your chairs and couches, or close your blinds to limit the amount of direct sunlight your carpet receives. All of these little strategic moves can help maintain your carpet.

2019 is the year of better maintaining your carpet.

If you have additional maintenance related questions, our team would love to be your carpet maintenance resource. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

-Green Clean Team

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