4 practical reasons to have your carpet cleaned this Fall.

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I think we can all admit it.

It’s been a weird year. 

And if nothing else, our level of cleanliness has improved out of necessity. 

But what about the largest filter in your home?

Your carpet.

Have you appropriately cleaned it this year? 

Well, here are 4 practical reasons you should consider doing so. 

We hope they challenge you to restore your healthy environment this Fall. 

Your indoor air quality matters. 

It’s no secret, but we spend more time indoors during the Winter months. Thus, we also spend more time breathing in our indoor air. As mentioned above, your carpet is actually the largest filter in your home, collecting dust, debris, bacteria and other germs or pollutants. So cleaning your carpet is actually just you investing in your indoor air quality. 

Appropriate tools equal appropriate cleaning.  

It’s fairly often that we hear, “it’s okay, I cleaned the carpets myself earlier this year.” Unfortunately, in many cases, personal carpet cleaning tools don’t do an effective job and can do damage to your carpet and health. Personal cleaners often leave behind high levels of PH that can attract residues. What this means for you as the homeowner is that residue collects, which can cause stains to surface and mold to grow.

These individual-use cleaners are also not always powerful enough to effectively remove the water from your carpet during cleaning. This can lead to longer drying time, which can enable mold and other smells within the carpet to develop. So, if you don’t have the right tools, it may be time for a professional cleaning. 

Germs can live on carpet for days or weeks. 

Depending on the type of carpet you have in your home, you may be harboring unwanted germs, including viruses and bacteria). If you haven’t had a deep clean done this Summer, this might be especially true (think about the stuff your kids or pets track into the home). While every germ is different, and in many ways so is each carpet, even a few simple days of bacteria or viruses living on your carpet is enough time to transfer to another host (once again, to your kids or pets). Practically speaking, carpet gets dirty and deep cleaning periodically is necessary. Given the current pandemic, we recommend a deep clean twice per year.

Certain allergens thrive in colder weather. 

Many allergens thrive in the colder weather, and with your family being indoors more, these allergens are commonly spread throughout the home’s carpet. A Fall cleaning can help remove these allergens, keeping your family safe and healthy. Practically speaking, it’s the right time to make sure your carpet is clean. 

In the last 6 months, cleaning has become a more focal point of our existence.

And that’s a good thing!

Our hope is that as you digest these 4 practical reasons to have your carpet cleaned, you feel inspired to apply them to other areas of your cleaning regiment as well. 

These concepts can make a huge difference in the health of our home, and carpet cleaning is just the start. 

-Green Clean Team

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