4 procedural insights your business can implement in 2021 that will help you operate safely, protecting both your customers and employees (#3 might surprise you).

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The global pandemic has changed, well, everything. 

Which is why we’ve spent the last 10 months educating our customers on the importance of cleaning and sanitizing, and how those two actions can help you maintain a safe and healthy home. 

But we haven’t really said much to our business customers. 

While some of that is intentional (i.e. we are still navigating through some unknowns with certain types of businesses still being closed), some of it was because we wanted to make sure we knew exactly what to say. 

So, as we head into 2021, we wanted to provide our business customers with 4 procedural insights you can implement that will help you operate safely, protecting your customers and employees.

Here they are. 

Understand directional implications. 

In business operations, directions matter. Okay, we realize that this statement is quite vague, so let us clarify. When it comes to running your business in 2021, it’s important that you follow two directional rules when possible. They include: 

  1. Create a roadmap: Creating a facility roadmap for customers and employees ensures that these individuals navigate through your buildings safely, ensuring proper spatial awareness, and keeping you in control of traffic patterns should your building become contaminated. Here’s a great resource for further protecting your facility.
  2. Clean with directional intent: Cleaning and applying disinfectants is best accomplished with one cloth, one wipe, in one direction and only one time. While this will add more time to your organization’s cleaning efforts, it will also ensure that you’re not just spreading germs, bacteria or other viruses around on your business’s surfaces. 

Implement routine, thorough cleaning. 

As we just mentioned, it’s important to clean with directional intention. However, it’s also important that organizations implement routine, thorough cleaning, if they haven’t already. So, as your business heads into 2021, think about the following items, and who takes care of them. It may be time to call a professional. 

  1. Restroom cleaning. 
  2. Breakroom or kitchen cleaning. 
  3. Sweeping & mopping of hard surface floors. 
  4. Vacuuming of carpet. 
  5. Dusting. 
  6. Removal of trash. 
  7. Deep carpet cleaning. 
  8. Routine application of disinfectants after surface cleaning.
  9. Furniture & upholstery cleaning. 
  10. Window washing. 

While this list doesn’t represent all of the types of cleaning services your business or it’s professional partner should be performing, we hope it gets you thinking about what should be involved in your routine, thorough cleaning.

Plan for an outbreak to occur. 

If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that even our most intentional efforts can sometimes come up short. Thus, it’s crucial that your business plans for an outbreak to occur in 2021; especially if your business is 3-20 people in size (as an outbreak can leave you quite vulnerable). In planning for this outbreak, here are a few items for you to consider implementing: 

  1. Implement guidelines: By now most businesses have done this in some capacity, but implementing guidelines means creating a plan for your business that each of your employees and customers will follow (i.e. wearing masks, not shaking hands, etc.).
  2. Protect what you can: As a business it’s important that you protect what you can by educating your customers and employees, holding true to your organizational guidelines, and by creating a safe working environment within your office. We recommend installing an air purification system, adding sneeze guards where appropriate, and always having a plethora of hand sanitizer and additional face masks.
  3. Know who to call in a crisis: We realize that not every business has the luxury of its entire team working remote everytime an individual gets sick. Thus, it’s important that you know who to call should you experience an outbreak (or, if you think that your office has become contaminated). This call should be directed to an organization like Green Clean that offers effective office cleaning and has been trained how to properly apply EPA registered disinfectants.

Be flexible and learn.

Finally, it’s important that your business be flexible in 2021. While we can plan our best for what’s ahead, there are many unknowns when it comes to operating through a pandemic. So, be flexible and keep your eyes and ears open to what others are recommending (or not recommending). We recommend keeping an eye on what the CDC and WHO recommend, and keeping open conversations with your best referral networks. 

This year has changed how many businesses operate. 

Our hope is that with these recommendations, you’ll be even more prepared to operate in 2021. 

-Green Clean Team

Ps. Are you a business that would like more information about proper cleaning and sanitizing? Our team would love to share with you what we’ve learned this last year.

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