5 Reasons Your Carpet Cleaning Is More Important During the Pandemic

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Every year, millions of people become sick because of the allergies present in the fibers of carpet. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly clean your carpet to ensure that your family enjoys a clean home environment. 

Carpets can collect germs from people walking. Therefore, it is essential to deep clean the carpet frequently. Maintaining a clean carpet represents a healthy house and shows pride in how fresh it looks and feels. It offers visitors a comfort that you take care of every element of your home. 

So, here are 5 reasons your carpet cleaning is more important during this current pandemic. 

We’re Working from Home

The pandemic has forced companies all over the world to send their workers home to work virtually. Covid-19 has changed the way people live and work. It has become difficult to juggle between family, house chores, child care, and personal relationships.

Because of this, having your carpet cleaned can be a bit challenging. However, it would be best if you found time to clean your carpet to avoid health issues. If there is one thing that the pandemic has made clear, cleaning for health is more important than cleaning for appearance. 

Kids Have Been Home from School

Since children are spending most of the time at home, keeping the floor and the carpet clean is essential when you have children. Young children are notorious for putting things in their mouths and playing all over the house. For carpet, routine cleaning protects kids from the ill effects of dirt and other allergens spreading. 

Pets Spend More Time Out of the Kennels

When you have a pet, it isn’t easy to keep the carpets looking clean all the time. Whether it’s hair or dirt, pets have a tendency to leave a mark everywhere there go; especially on the carpet. So, because most of our pets have spent more time out of their kennels and at home, it’s important to think about having your carpet deep cleaned more frequently that you normally would. We recommend having your carpet cleaned professionally twice per year. 

It’s Dust Mite, Bacteria & Allergen Season 

Spring happens to also be allergy season, and with allergies come dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. While routine vacuuming can play a positive role in your carpet remaining clean and healthy, it’s also important to have professional carpet cleaning done to ensure the deeper areas of your carpet don’t collect unwanted, and in some cases harmful, elements.  

Whether an institution, a facility or your home has directly experienced covid-19 cases or not, carpets have long been established as a germ harbor (remember, it is the largest filter in your home). A carpet’s fibrous texture acts as an air filter, traps dust, bacteria and other allergens.

If your carpets need professional cleaning, Green Clean is here to provide an eco-friendly and safe cleaning service. Contact us today to book an appointment for your home.

-Green Clean Team

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