5 Smart DIY Fall Landscaping Tips

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Fall landscaping and yard cleanup projects are annual rites of passage that smooth the transition into winter. They create an opportunity that helps us enjoy some of the most incredible weather of the year. These DIY fall landscaping tips will help you capitalize on the beauty of autumn while being active outside.

Rake Leaves

Falling leaves are inevitable as Mother Nature prepares for a change of seasons. While you don’t have to rake them up daily, it is a good idea to get them off the lawn on a regular basis. When it rains, leaves can become matted down and encourage mold growth.

Dethatch the Lawn

Don’t let dead leaves, grass, stems, and roots smother your lawn’s soil. It needs air circulation to remain healthy and free from fungal diseases like lawn mold.

Overseed Your Lawn

Overseeding supports your lawn’s long-term health and vibrant color. Since grass loves to grow in cool weather, there’s no better time to spread grass seed than when fall landscaping is on your mind. Spots that are bare now will fill in quickly, and you’ll be delighted with the results next spring.

Clean and Repair Your Gutters

Gutters are to lawn grade as Robin is to Batman when it comes to protecting your landscaping and siding from water damage. Help your gutters do their support work unobstructed. Cleaning out dead leaves and debris from them before winter may potentially save you untold dollars and heartache in water damage repairs to your foundation. Protect your home investment by also checking downspouts after heavy rains, especially if you have overhanging trees.

Gauge the Grade of Your Lawn

Proper lawn grade is a key player in protecting your home from water damage that can lead to mold formation in your basement. It’s easy to check whether your lawn needs help in this area. Take a walk around your home and take note: Does your lawn appear to slope downward closer to the house?

Another way to check this is to pay attention to where the water flows when it rains heavily. It should go away from your home. If it doesn’t, it’s important not to overlook this. We recommend bringing in a professional since this is not typically a DIY home project.

Don’t overlook the importance of having a solid plan for fall landscaping and yard cleanup. It pays to be proactive. Think of it as cheap insurance.

If you feel challenged to make the time to do fall landscaping and yard cleanup, please call us. We have great resources to offer you in the form of trusted referral partners. We’re always happy to field your questions.

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