5 Things to Bring Up to your Insurance Agent on your Annual Review.

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We all know the importance of annual doctor visits or regular auto check-ups, but when was the last time you reviewed your insurance? Regular homeowners’ insurance reviews are just as critical. You want your policy to be up-to-date to ensure that you’re covered in the event of loss resulting from flooding and water damage. 

During an insurance review, the insurance agent will go over specific details about your insurance policy and your life to make sure that all your coverage needs are met. An insurance review can save you a nice chunk of change and a lot of grief down the road.

Here’s your annual insurance review checklist to help you make sure that your current home insurance portfolio fits your current situation in life. 

Provide an Updated Ledger of the Items within Your Home

In many cases, home insurance does not adequately cover all of your personal belongings. Provide an updated home inventory of the items you’d like to protect water damage during your insurance review. Doing this covers the cost of repair or replacement of all your home’s contents, including clothing items, electronics, appliances, furniture, etc., if they are damaged by water. 

Ask Your Agent If You Have the Right Coverage for Water Damage

There are many types of water damage that may occur in your home. These include storm-related water damage, flood, overflow, sewer backup, and sudden/accidental discharge. Depending on the source of standing water in your home, the resultant damage may or may not be covered by your home insurance.  

Water damage coverage is one of the most important things to clear up with your agent during an insurance review. Ask your agent if you have the right coverage for water damage. Does your policy cover gradual damage or sudden pipe burst? Ask about the rising costs in the construction industry. Do you have enough coverage with building materials increasing by – in some cases – 200% in the last year?

If you’ve experienced a change to your home or purchased items of value, you may need to alter your coverage. The insurance agent can help you determine whether you need an endorsement/rider or a new policy. Ensure that you have a good understanding of all the coverages in your policy as well as the exclusions. That way, you will be better prepared in the event of water damage. 

Is The Water Damage Clean-up And the Home Restoration Both Covered?

When it comes to water damage coverage, insurance policies vary widely. Some policies will only cover the cost of the water damage clean up. Others will cover both cleanup and rebuilding your home after water damage. A general average for you as a homeowner to understand it shta tit typically costs $5k for clean up and $15k for restoration; will your coverage protect you from both of those potential expenses? 

Past Claims

Make a list of all claims you have made over the years. Include details such as dates, payouts, and loss descriptions. If you have taken any steps to reduce the likelihood of a similar loss occurring, be sure to let the insurance agent know. 

Ask About Discounts

Insurance companies add and change discounts all the time. Inquire about possible discounts during your insurance review. You may be entitled to some discounts for renewing your policy with your insurance provider. You may be able to save a few bucks in premium costs. 

Keep in mind that insurance reviews don’t have to be annual. A good rule of thumb is to review your homeowners’ insurance every time there’s a change in your life. For instance, if you finished your basement, installed a new roof, or made any other home improvements/big purchases, your insurance will need to change, too.

Water damage is something that must be dealt with quickly and effectively. At Green Clean Restoration & Cleaning Services, we’ll work with your insurance provider to restore your home to safe and liveable conditions ASAP. Contact us for quality water damage restoration. 

-Green Clean Team

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