5 tips when dealing with mold in your home (as told by a mitigation company).

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Some of the most important work we do involves mold. 

And while some cases are simple to remediate, others can be quite complex and dangerous. 

So, we wanted to take a moment to provide a few tips for you when dealing with mold in your home. Our hope is that with these tips you are educated enough to take any mold situation seriously, keeping your family safe and your home healthy. 

Talk with the right professional team.  

Our first tip is that if you suspect mold, engage a professional who is qualified and certified in mold removal and testing. There are DIY mold tests available, but the right team will be able to confirm the presence of mold, assess the species of mold you’re dealing with (yes, there are multiple types), and tell you the concentration of mold spores in the air. All of this information leads to an appropriate remediation plan based on your family’s safety. 

Understand the moisture patterns of your home. 

The second tip you must understand is that moisture is the breeding ground for mold. So, it’s crucial that you understand the moisture patterns of your home, including where intentional and unintentional moisture reside. By understanding where you’re prone to experiencing moisture within the home, you’ll be better prepared to protect your home from mold growth. A few ways to reduce moisture in your home include: 

  • Use a dehumidifier, especially in basements. 
  • Grow plants that absorb humidity. 
  • Fix any leaking pipes. 
  • Let the fresh air in (in the Summer, obviously). 

Listen to your body. 

This tip may seem irrelevant, but mold doesn’t also make it’s presence known visibly (maybe it’s behind walls, in a ceiling, etc.). Because of this, it’s important that you listen to what your body is telling you. If you’re experiencing ongoing difficulty breathing, headaches or dizziness, or irritation of the eyes, nose or throat, it’s probably wise to schedule a mold test with a professional remediation company. 

Remove mold right away. 

We’ve already talked about having the right team, but it’s also important to do your mold remediation right away. The longer that you prolong total remediation of the mold outbreak, the more dangerous it becomes to your health, and the more irreversible damage it can cause to your home. So, whether you think you have mold or know you have mold, it’s important to address it right away. 

Dry wet areas immediately. 

While it may seem obvious to clean up a spilled glass of water, it’s also important to think about other areas that see constant humidity within your home. For example, consider squeegeeing your shower after use, or wiping down your backsplash after boiling pasta. Furthermore, how often do you leave clothes in the washing machine? You see, there are many areas within your home that see consistent, and often intentional moisture. Just be sure that you’re doing your part to dry these wet areas immediately after using them.   

While mold is a sometimes tricky thing to remediate, it’s also very important to do it properly. 

We hope that these tips will help you protect your health and home, but please remember this: If you are experiencing a mold outbreak in your home, please contact a professional right away. 

If nothing else, just to get the appropriate response for how to handle the situation. 

And our team is always here for a free phone consultation. Just call the number below. 

-Green Clean Team 


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