The Benefits Of Professional Water Damage Restoration: Part One: Health and Lifestyle

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From a huge storm to a tiny leak in a water line, water damage comes in many sizes and from  many sources. The ways in which it can impact your property are equally numerous. As Minneapolis water damage restoration professionals, we have seen and repaired water damage in almost every form. We have helped at homes, businesses, and rental properties, and have demonstrated for thousands of property owners why professional help with water mitigation is essential. 

There are so many benefits to professional water damage restoration that we can’t fit them all into one article. In this piece, we will discuss the ways that a restoration contractor can help protect your health and lifestyle after a disaster. In part two, we will discuss the financial benefits of working with a water damage restoration professional. Whether you are faced with a drip or a deluge, we are here to help. Here’s how.

Fast Action Results In Less Damage 

Water damage restoration must be started as quickly as possible following any type of water intrusion. This is because standing water becomes more contaminated the longer it is untreated – a dangerous process we call category degradation. As water sits, the risk level of damage to your property increases. Mold, bacteria, and even viruses can start to grow and spread beyond where the water damage initially occurred. Metal starts to rust, wood starts to rot, and even materials like brick, tile, and concrete can start to become damaged if they are left in a flooded state for too long. 

Fast action lessens the impact of a disaster by reducing the potential damage – getting the water out right away prevents many problems before they happen. This can prevent the destruction of sentimental items, and can ensure that you are displaced from your property for less time overall. 
At Green Clean, we are proud to offer 24/7 emergency cleaning and water damage restoration service in the Minneapolis area. We are just a call or text away, at any time, and can be on-site right away to help contain the damage and prevent it from spreading.

Expert, Long-Term Knowledge 

Cleaning up water damage might initially seem simple, but it can be tough for home and business owners to determine the full extent of the damage. Water can be invisibly absorbed into building materials like insulation, wood, carpet, flooring, and drywall. If all moisture is not fully removed, the damage will continue to grow and cause many future problems. 
At Green Clean, we have more than 25 years of water damage restoration experience. Because of this, we know how to find hidden water damage sources as well as how to successfully complete thorough water removal and drying techniques.

Water Damage Restoration Using Professional Grade Equipment

One of the ways that we are able to complete such a thorough restoration process is with the help of professional grade water damage restoration equipment. As a first step, we will rapidly remove the water from your home with powerful pumps and vacuums. Next, we will use state-of-the-art equipment to locate excess water and moisture, such as moisture and temperature meters.  

For the drying process, we employ efficient tools like industrial air movers and powerful dehumidifiers. Air movers speed up the evaporation process and bring the humidity level of your property back to a safe level, while using HEPA filtration to remove dangerous particles from the air. Our powerful dehumidifiers can remove the water from the structure, finishes, furniture, and even air in your property.

Safe Mold Removal Services for Minneapolis Area

We hope that most Minneapolis, Edina, Maple Grove, and surrounding area homeowners will never have to deal with a serious mold problem, but unfortunately it can be a common issue.  Mold only needs a few things to grow; moisture, organic material like wood or paper, and moderate temperatures. When mold starts to grow, it will damage both the surfaces and structure of your property, and can cause health problems ranging from allergies to infections. 
With the fast, through processes we previously mentioned, mold growth can often be largely prevented. However, there are times when mold issues occur unexpectedly or unnoticed. Mold remediation is a dangerous job, and one we strongly recommend hiring a professional mold cleaning service to do. Without the proper processes and protections, you can put your family, employees, and renters at risk.

Protection From Mold Health Risks

Beyond the dangers of dealing with mold yourself, there are other health risks you may encounter if you try to ignore water damage or clean it up yourself. Bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous materials can be present on both surfaces and in the air, and can increase if not removed. 

When you work with a professional water damage restoration company, their trained team members will take measures to protect themselves (and your property) while they remove these hazardous materials. A complete, expert restoration process will prevent health problems for the occupants of your property, both now and in the future.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With Help From Green Clean

It’s important that water damage is addressed quickly and completely in order to prevent issues with your health and daily life in your home or business. Don’t take the risks of waiting or attempting to clean it up yourself – contact Green Clean today for thorough, expert help. 

Water damage can also cause a lot of potential financial problems. In part two of this series, we will help you understand these costly troubles, and how to prevent them.

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