Benefits of Working With a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

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If you are faced with fire damage at your Minnesota home or business, the mess can be devastating. From the actual fire damage to the extinguishing water damage and resulting mold, it’s a complex set of problems to solve. Where should you even start with the clean-up process, and how much will all of it cost? 

Fortunately, expert help is available. Disaster restoration contractors are the expert partners that you need in these situations, and the ways in which they can help you are numerous.

In this article, we will explain six of the most important benefits of working with professional disaster restoration contractors.

  1. Accurate Assessment of Your Property Damage
  2. Fast Action = Better Results: Quick Response Time
  3. Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Technology
  4. Expert Knowledge of Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Methods
  5. Safe and Complete Mold Remediation
  6. Help With Insurance Claims

#1: An Accurate Assessment of the Damage To Your Property

When your Minneapolis home or business is damaged by water or fire, there will probably be a lot of issues that you can see, and a lot that you can’t. When you work with a professional disaster restoration contractor, they will use their industry knowledge and training to find all of the damage, and make a plan for how to repair it. This includes detecting issues like hidden mold growth, smelly smoke and soot damage in inaccessible areas, and if professional cleaning can restore damaged items and surfaces. Working with a professional disaster restoration company ensures that all issues are identified accurately, right away.

#2: Fast Action That Leads To Better Results

Time is of the essence when dealing with almost every type of property damage, but even more so when it comes to fire and water damage. Smoke and soot cause more destruction the longer they sit on surfaces, and ignoring water damage can lead to the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Both of these types of damage can cause serious structural damage to your home if not addressed right away. 

At Green Clean,  we can respond 24 hours a day and seven days a week, with expert teams and state-of-the-art equipment. This stops damage from spreading and getting worse, and ensures that daily life at your Twin Cities property can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Whether your family is displaced from your home or your business is shut down, professional help will ensure that the repairs are done as quickly as possible.

#3: Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Technology

High-quality disaster restoration companies have access to advanced restoration and cleaning technology and tools. They use this equipment to provide fast, efficient, and effective results at damaged properties. At Green Clean, some of the tools we will use to restore your home or business include:

  • Powerful water extraction and drying equipment
  • High-grade dehumidifiers
  • Accurate moisture detection and measurement tools 
  • Tools and products to sanitize and disinfect all types of materials
  • Professional odor removal and deodorization products
  • Pre and post mitigation mold testing 
  • Air scrubbers and filtration systems
  • Professional cleaning services for carpets, tile and stone, upholstery, and ductwork

#4: Expert Knowledge of Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Methods

Even after the flames are out, fire and smoke damage can be very dangerous. Fires produce (and leave behind) toxic chemicals, airborne particles, and pervasive odors that are harmful if inhaled. At Green Clean, we know how to remove these issues safely and completely. We take detailed industry-specific precautions and use specialized equipment to restore and clean your fire-damaged home or business.

#5: Safe and Complete Mold Remediation

Similar to fire damage, mold damage clean-up can be very dangerous. Mold exposure without the correct precautions and equipment can cause a wide range of health problems, including respiratory illnesses and skin reactions.

Mold damage is also a major problem for your home or business. It has the potential to cause serious structural damage, such as rotting wood and collapsing drywall. A restoration contractor will have the knowledge and tools needed to safely remove the mold. They will also be able to ensure (and document) a safe result by completing pre and post mitigation mold testing.

#6: Help With Insurance Claims

When you are already faced with a scary and overwhelming fire at your property, navigating the insurance claims process can be confusing.  At Green Clean, we have years of experience partnering with insurance companies and are happy to help you through the process. We understand the importance of detailed damage assessments, a clear scope of work, accurate timelines, and precise documentation. With our help, making a claim through your homeowners or business insurance should be straightforward and simple. 

Get The Help You Need – Call Green Clean Today

At Green Clean, we are committed to helping St. Paul homeowners get life back to normal as quickly as possible. We are here to provide expert help with fire damage, water damage, mold remediation, and even professional cleaning services. If you want to claim the benefits listed above for yourself and your loved ones, contact us today to learn more. 

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