Carpet Cleaning in the Winter? Yes, it can be done!

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Contrary to popular belief, carpets can be cleaned in winter months and often times this is not only good for your health, but the health of your home.  Carpet cleaning in spring tends to be the main attraction and carpet cleaning professionals will book up fast.  Listed below are a few perks for getting your carpets cleaned in the winter:

  • You can pick your Appointment Time
    • During spring months, the itch to clean could have you waiting up to 2 weeks before an appointment window is available
    • Winter months can be slow for some cleaning professionals, so the open availability allows for customers to pick and choose their dates and times easily to fit their schedules.
  • Carpets stay Cleaner in Winter Months
    • Dust and allergens are not as prevalent in winter months as they are in spring and summer months
    • Cleaning carpet of dust and allergens from spring and summer allow for an allergen-free winter
    • Ridding the home of dust and allergens gives the customer a greater quality of life and the home better indoor air quality
  • Dry Times = Quicker
    • During spring/summer months, dew points and humidity tend to be close together which gives us the “sticky” air and slower drying times
    • During fall/winter months, dew points and humidity are further apart which gives us drier air and quicker drying times
  • Saving Money
    • Cleaning professionals tend to be less busy in the winter months, giving the customer a better deal with:
    • Scheduling opportunities, Benefits to indoor air quality and clean carpet, Deals/Coupons to help the business and the customer
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