Why DIY Homeowners Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

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It is inevitable that our homes will get messy and our floors will get dirty. We live in our homes, making them a prime target for the soils of life, such as carpet spills, dirt, grime, and foul odors. Most of us have do-it-yourself techniques to help pick up the dirt off our floors without leaving much residue behind. These techniques are wonderful for quick cleanups that will help avoid stains and additional odors from lingering. However, these same techniques can leave new issues behind, including discoloration or caked in residue. Therefore, it makes sense that even the best DIY homeowner hires a professional at least once a year to thoroughly clean the floors and carpets in the home.

The Dangers of DIY Spot Cleaning

DIY spot cleaning is a necessity in most households, from the day to day spills to the more serious messes. Unless you own a professional carpet cleaning service, you do not have on-demand access to a professional spot cleaner. Therefore, to avoid a stain from setting in, you must immediately clean anything that lands on your carpets. While stores offer instant spot cleaners like Resolve, which leaves a terrible residue, or Oxi-Clean, which may actually bleach the carpet, many homeowners will rattle off their favorite recipes for the “perfect carpet cleaner.” These recipes usually include a mix of lemons, seltzer and vinegar. Any teenager who spilled a bottle of beer or glass of wine on his mom’s carpet while throwing an unapproved party can tell you how well these recipes work. The problem, however, is there is always a residue left behind. Eventually, this residue turns to discoloration, and the once uniformed carpet will look like a multicolored floor covering.

The Dirt That Sets In

Beyond the typical spot cleaning, many homeowners will buy or rent floor cleaners to clean their own carpets throughout the year. This may seem like a great idea, but there are a few problems with the store-bought carpet cleaning machines. First, it is important to understand that these are machines meant for a homeowner. These types of machines are not high powered, though they are easy to operate. They are intended for anyone in your home to be able to pull it out of the box, turn it on, and get it to work. They are also priced for the average homeowner. All of this may sound perfect, but the reality is that these machines are not high powered enough to fully remove the dirt, grime, and odors that live between and under the carpet fibers. In contrast, professional carpet cleaning services use industrial machines to clean your carpet. These machines are not easy for just anyone to use, as they require a certain skill set to operate them correctly. However, as a result, they work harder to get rid of anything and everything that is lurking in your carpet. With a professional carpet cleaning service, you will notice the difference in regard to how your carpet looks, smells, and feels.

Our customers receive a free bottle of professional spot cleaner with free lifetime replacement for use between cleanings.

If you are ready to thoroughly clean your carpets and extract years of dirt and grime, contact the experts at Green Clean Restoration Cleaning Services at 763.789.9600.

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