Effects of Mold as it Relates to Asthma

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Mold has been known to be an asthma trigger for many asthma sufferers. Mold produces tiny spores to reproduce and controlling indoor mold growth can be highly beneficial for people with asthma. Mold is often detected by seeing it grow or smelling a musty odor. With mold growing, especially in a home where one or more of the occupants has asthma, remediation and restoration of the mold areas can alleviate asthma symptoms and in some cases prevent asthma attacks. It is equally as important to investigate and control the source of the mold; typically where moisture is coming from. Not only does mold affect people with asthma but also can cause other respiratory complaints or allergic reactions. If you are concerned about mold growth in your home, Green Clean is here to help assess the mold damage and restore your home back to a healthier environment.

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