Fall Carpet Cleaning

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Fall is a perfect time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. The warmer air flow that circulates throughout your house in the fall provides a quick drying environment for your carpet. Carpets have a tendency to dry faster in the fall months because the indoor air is dry and the remaining moisture evaporates quickly. We tend to be inside more often during the winter. Professionally cleaning your carpets in the fall will provide you a healthier environment for those long days spent inside during the winter. Fall becomes one of the busiest seasons for carpet cleaning because many people are preparing their house for the cold winters-now is a great time to schedule a cleaning while the schedule offers availability. Cleaning your carpets in the fall will improve the amount of dust and other allergens that accumulate in your house as you prepare for the winter season. A clean, safe living environment for the winter provides a healthier home for you and your family. Call Green Clean today to schedule your fall carpet cleaning! (763)789-9600

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