How Often Should You Have Your Couch Cleaned?

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At your Minnesota home or business, you most likely have lots of upholstered surfaces. Couches, chairs, booths, and even beds can be made more comfortable with fabric-covered surfaces. Because they are so comfortable, these surfaces tend to get a lot of use, and use can bring wear and dirt. They can absorb dust, oils, spills, pet hair, and other particles and allergens from the air. 

To make sure your upholstery lasts a long time and stays looking and feeling fresh, regular cleaning and maintenance is important. If you can’t remember the last time you had your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned, this article is for you. 

How Dirty Is Your Couch?

On a daily basis, your couch and other upholstered furniture can be exposed to many things. Dust, insects like dust mites, mold spores, cooking oil particles, and allergens like pet dander move through the air and can settle on the fabric. Surface contact can bring sweat, body oils, and even saliva and urine drops, particularly if you have pets or young children. Areas that you touch frequently like armrests can get even dirtier. 

Too much built up grime can get embedded in the fabric fibers of the upholstery, and will make your furniture dull, dirty-looking, and even smelly. Spots and stains that are not removed quickly will be difficult to remove or may not come out at all. Unfortunately, vacuuming and do-it-yourself cleaning is not usually enough to keep things clean. Regular professional upholstery cleaning will keep your couches, chairs, love seats and more looking great and lasting much longer. 

How To Schedule Upholstery Cleaning For Your Unique Needs 

If you are ready to get your home couch or restaurant booths professionally cleaned, your next question may be how often you need to repeat the process. Generally, it’s recommended that you have upholstery professionally cleaned at least once per year. However, if your surfaces are heavily used, it may be necessary to schedule cleaning more frequently. Here are five factors to consider. 


For homes, apartment buildings, and hotels with pets, it’s recommended to schedule professional upholstery cleaning every six months. Pets shed hair and dander, and can occasionally leave behind stains, which can be difficult to remove if left untreated for too long.


Children bring love and laughter into our lives, but they also bring spills, muddy shoes, and messy projects. Active children spending a lot of time on your upholstered furniture will most likely require more frequent cleaning. 

Furniture Color

The color of your upholstered surfaces is also a factor. A white couch may need more frequent cleaning than a dark blue one. 

Low-Traffic Furniture

If you have no animals or children and a couch that is rarely used, you probably do not need to schedule cleaning every 6 months. However, even low-traffic furniture still needs regular cleaning: It will still collect dust, allergens, and dirt particles from the air, and should be cleaned annually – perhaps on the same date that you schedule your carpet and rug cleaning

High-Traffic Furniture

Upholstery that sees a lot of traffic will require a more frequent cleaning schedule. Commercial buildings, businesses, and households with pets and children will see more use of their furniture, and should consider a more frequent cleaning schedule. 

Professional Upholstery Cleaning For Minnesota Home and Business Owners 

When you get your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months, your furniture will be fresh, clean and will stay in good condition longer. Professional cleaning provides results that look, smell, and feel great. It will also ensure that your furniture does not get damaged by DIY techniques –  a professional upholstery cleaner will know which methods and products are best for your furniture. If you are ready to get your Twin Cities home or business looking its best, contact Green Clean today

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