How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet!

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Removing red wine from carpet can be very difficult to say the least. The key to achieving the greatest success is to take action as quickly as possible.  There are several household items that are readily available that can be used to attempt to remove the stain. Dish detergent diluted with water (approximately 2-4 drops to a cup of water) mixed with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide (diluted), White Wine, Club Soda and salt is all common household items that can be used to remove wine from carpet. Which ever solution you choose the following procedures should be followed. It is important to always test the carpet in an   inconspicuous area prior to attempting to remove a stain. First blot the stain with a white terry cloth towel starting at the perimeter of the stain and then working your way to the center to remove as much of the wine as possible. Be careful not to be to aggressive with the towel to avoid pushing the Tannins into the dye sites of the carpet fibers. Next dilute the stain carefully with your cleaning solution using a damp white terry cloth towel starting at the perimeter of the stain and work your way to the center making sure to blot the stain without aggressive agitation. Repeat as necessary until the stain is completely removed. Be careful not to apply to much soap or cleaning solution to the carpet as this can leave a sticky residue which can attract soils later on. Next lightly dab or rinse the area with cold clean water using a white terry cloth towel to help remove as much residue as possible from the area. If there is still some discoloration left the area can be covered with a layer of salt approximately 1/4 inch thick and then covered with a white terry cloth towel for several hours or until the area is completely dry. Finally the area should be vacuumed thoroughly to remove the remaining salt. It is always a good idea to consult or contact a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service   anytime you have a difficult spot or stain. Professional Carpet Cleaners have additional cleaning products and procedures and Tannin Stain Removers that will improve your chances for success.  A good Cleaning Service will be happy to assist you over the phone in removing the stain or they may have a crew in your area that can help with removing the stain. Click the link to view a video on How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet . Regular Vacuuming and periodic carpet cleaning by an IICRC Certified Cleaning Professional is always recommended and is sometimes required to maintain the Warranty and life of your carpets.

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