HVAC/Indoor Air Quality and Your Family’s Health

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Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed to control indoor temperature levels while filtering outdoor air. However, not all HVAC systems provide each individual function. It is important to understand your HVAC system and its function in order to manage your home’s indoor air quality. Indoor air quality issues arise when outdoor air mixed with contaminants enters a building. Airflow obstructions including accumulation of debris and other remains at the air intake can lead to microbial contamination, consequently affecting indoor air quality. Furthermore, the outdoor air damper must be efficiently operating to prevent indoor air quality problems; outdoor air combines with air previously circulated through the HVAC system in a chamber of the air-handling unit.

Filters are essential to remove unwanted pollutants from the air. The efficiency of removing such particles is dependent upon the type and design of air filter. To maintain a filter’s effectiveness, regular maintenance is needed. As particles begin to saturate the filter, particle-removal efficiency increases but airflow is minimized due to an increase of the pressure drop in the system. Schedule a free in-home consultation with High Road Heating & Cooling Co to assure your HVAC systems.

Dryer vents should be cleaned annually to reduce the dryer dust or lint produced and released into the air. Not only is lint flammable, but also provides indoor air with many allergens. Maintain clean dryer vents by professionally cleaning the ventilation ducts approximately every three to four years.

Carpets become a great home for the introduced contaminants from outdoor air. Regular maintenance including frequent vacuuming and periodic professional carpet cleaning may dramatically enhance your indoor air quality.

Maintaining your air ducts by periodically cleaning them by a professional will additionally impact the quality of your indoor air. Ductz can provide the following services to maintain good indoor air quality: furnace/duct cleaning, total home air purification, dryer vent cleaning, HVAC deodorizing and sanitizing, and refrigerator coil cleaning.

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