Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

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Our health and overall well-being are continuously at risk because we are exposed to numerous airborne pollutants throughout our everyday lives. Although some risks are inevitable, others can easily be controlled by eliminating the sources of poor indoor air quality. The quality of the air inside your home is a prominent factor for some health conditions and symptoms. Dust mites ,  contaminants including household cleaners, can have a vital impact on your overall air quality.

Air Pollutants That Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

Because there are many different pollutants affecting your air quality, they can easily be categorized. Pollutants that are a part of our everyday lifestyles can fall into the following categories: combustion sources, building materials and furnishings, household products, household appliances and systems, and outdoor sources. Clean dryer vents annually to reduce the dryer dust or lint produced and released into the air. House dust is the most common natural source of indoor pollutants.

Within a building, house dust can come from a variety of different sources. Stuffing material in mattresses, furniture, and pillows can be inhaled after the fibers are weakened and broken down. It is essential to maintain these items by frequently washing bedding and professionally cleaning mattresses and furniture in order to help sustain adequate air quality.

Along with furniture, carpets are excellent filters for house dust and can attract a variety of contaminants. Without proper carpet maintenance, pollutants are released in the air affecting indoor air quality. Routine carpet maintenance improves not only indoor air quality but also appearance and life of carpets. Frequent vacuuming reduces the amount of dirt and soil agitating the fibers of your carpets. Annually cleaning your carpets by IICRC professionals may considerably improve indoor air quality. In addition, you and your family may feel healthier by limiting inhalation of airborne pollutants.

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