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Does your Minnesota home have concrete surfaces? Driveways, garage floors, patios, indoor floors, and even countertops can all be constructed from this  interesting and functional material. 

Concrete surfaces are an amazingly durable feature for your home, but they do require regular maintenance. Concrete may seem indestructible, but it is porous and  can gradually get dirty and discolored due to dirt, debris, spills, and stains. 

There are several ways you can keep your concrete floors in great shape. Many of the daily maintenance tasks like sweeping are easy to do yourself, but you may want to get expert help with projects like deep cleaning and resealing. In this article, we will explain the professional concrete cleaning process, and how it can help your home be ready for warm weather entertaining. 

Why Should You Get Your Concrete Flooring Professionally Cleaned 

Keeping surfaces like concrete patios and garage floors looking their best is not always easy. They take a lot of abuse from the elements, vehicles, and messy projects. Concrete floors may sound tough, but they require maintenance just like carpet, tile, and other types of flooring. A local Minneapolis professional is worth hiring for help with this project – here’s why. 

Professional cleaning can help keep your patio or garage floor clean and looking its best. These skilled professionals use tools, products, and techniques that can provide much better results than you could get on your own. They can remove tough stains, and can provide the final seal and polish that will leave your concrete beautiful and protected. 

Professional cleaning can also keep your concrete surfaces from getting damaged. Untreated stains or wear patterns make your property look dirty or poorly maintained. Additionally, concrete floors that are not regularly cleaned can cause problems that go beyond looks: Built-up dirt and grime can attract nasty bacteria and pests. Surfaces can even get permanently damaged, resulting in big repair bills. Professional cleaning eliminates many of these issues, extending the life of your concrete and protecting your investment. 

Using the wrong cleaning products or DIY methods can also damage your concrete floors. Finishes and surface textures can get ruined, cracks and chips can occur, and some products can even make staining look worse. A professional team will save you from making any of these mistakes, as well as saving you lots of time and effort. 

How The Concrete Floor Cleaning Process Works 

There are several different ways to clean concrete floors, depending on the type of stains and dirt that need to be removed. For tough build up and deep stains, professional cleaners will use a multi-step process. Here’s what to expect. 

  • Loose dirt, dust, and debris will be removed first
  • Nearby furniture, carpeting, tile, and other surfaces will be moved or draped and protected from the cleaning process 
  • Your flooring will be analyzed to locate any deep stains or other issues that may require extra focus 
  • Specialized cleaning equipment wll be used to agitate and loosen embedded dirt and stains
  • Solutions will be applied, including degreaser, etching solutions, cleaners, and brighteners
  • Professional cleaners will be careful to only use solutions that will not damage your unique flooring 
  • The cleaning solution will be rinsed and extracted quickly from the floor, allowing it to dry
  • Finally, sealers and polishing processes can help protect your newly cleaned concrete surfaces 

Be Ready For Outdoor Entertaining With Help From Green Clean 

Concrete floors are an excellent choice for areas in your Twin Cities home like your garage, patio, and driveway. They are durable, easy to maintain, and can last for many years when properly cared for. 

Professional concrete cleaning companies are a critical part of that maintenance process. At Green Clean, we have the experience, knowledge and tools needed to clean your concrete floors properly. Concrete surfaces can get dirty very gradually over time. You may not even notice how yours have changed, but you will surely notice how much better they will look after a visit from Green Clean. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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