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Are you giving your mattress the care it deserves? Your mattress serves as your safe place for rest and comfort, but to ensure it continues to provide you with a healthy night’s sleep, it requires proper maintenance, just like any other piece of furniture. New York City, along with other U.S. cities, has been experiencing infestations of bedbugs-bloodsucking pests found most commonly in mattresses. Although they are not known to carry diseases, bedbugs are bothersome and very hard to control. Proper mattress care will help prevent bedbug infestations in your homes. Routinely care for your mattress to prevent dust mites and other allergens from disturbing your sleep. Simply follow these tips:

Flip and Turn your Mattress: It is recommended to flip your mattress so the bottom-side becomes the top-side and the foot of the bed becomes the head of the bed. Do this about every six to twelve months to evenly distribute wear on your mattress.
Cover your Mattress: Mattress covers provide further protection for your mattress. They help prevent mattress soiling and are typically easy to remove and wash. Protecting your mattress with a mattress pad may limit dust mites in your mattress, allowing for a better quality of sleep.
Vacuum Frequently: Mattresses provide a temperate environment for dust mites and mold, giving rise to potential health risks. Frequent vacuuming will alleviate not only allergens but also bad odor.
Annual Professional Mattress Cleaning: Green Clean recommends professionally cleaning your mattress every 12 months to ensure a healthy sleep environment. Green Clean’s professionally-trained cleaning technicians use a multi-step process to clean and sanitize your mattress.

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