Rug Cleaning Minneapolis: How Do I Clean My Wool Area Rug?

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When it comes wool area rug cleaning in Minneapolis, you don’t need the Luck of the Irish. The most important thing in cleaning rugs of any kind is to know its fiber content and its origin. Oftentimes, this is located on a tag and is going to denote the best way to clean it.

Wool Area Rug Cleaning Minneapolis Tip 1: Clean by Hand

An imported rug that is 100% wool may require hand cleaning. You need to be very careful about maintaining a tight control over the amount of product and water that you use on these.

Wool Area Rug Cleaning Minneapolis Tip 2: Understand the pH Level Needed

Wool is highly absorbent and the products used to clean wool rugs need to be specifically designed for it. They need to be the right pH in order not to discolor or alter the fibers. You’ll want to test carefully and remain consistent through the entire process of cleaning once you find the right balance of pressure, water, and product.

Wool Area Rug Cleaning Minneapolis Tip 3: Pet and Wine Stains May Require Professional Cleaning

Because of the characteristics of wool pointed out in Tip #2 (i.e. high absorbency, sensitivity to pH level), it can be challenging to remove pet and wine stains from them.

Wool rugs are a beautiful and costly investment to your home. They require a relatively high level of maintenance in order to remain in good condition for years. While it’s easy to vacuum these gorgeous rugs made of natural fibers, it must be done regularly so that dirt and soil don’t accelerate the breaking down of the fibers.

Many people prefer to have wool rugs removed from their home for deep cleaning by professionals. This allows the rug to be carefully treated using the technique and products that are exactly right for its content, age and condition under the watchful eye of specially trained technicians.

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