Thankful to Serve You, Our Community, and the Environment

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This Holiday Season, we’re grateful for our understanding of what long-lasting effect the choices we make now can have on our environment inside as well as outside.

The cleaning products and processes we use, and how we dispose of the water and materials we use in the cleaning processes, are all opportunities to do what’s right—for your home or business and for the environment.

Green Clean is committed to recycling and employ a very rigid recycling program that goes way beyond what an average business would typically do.

Here are our green initiatives:

  • Maintaining a separate dumpster for cardboard only.
  • Recycling:
  1. Loose paper, phone directories, catalogs, magazines
  2. Fluorescent light bulbs
  3. Batteries
  4. Metal waste
  5. Carpet removed from flood restoration jobs
  6. Dry carpet padding removed from flood restoration jobs so that it can be manufactured into new carpet pad
  7. Salvaged building materials from water-damaged property that can be re-purposed by donation to causes such as Habitat for Humanity. We’ve provided perfectly good kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, interior doors and frames, base trim, and casing, thereby reducing the cost to build and the load on landfills.

We’re grateful to have been in business for nearly twenty years and to have had the opportunity to support you, our community, and the environment.

Happy Holidays!

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