The benefits of annual Carpet Cleaning

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Most Carpet Manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning by an IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner every 12-18 months to maintain the warrantee. Regular Carpet Cleaning should be performed just like routine maintenance on you car or furnace. What happens when you don’t change your oil or your furnace filter on a regular basis? It wears out and requires additional maintenance and often times requires replacement before it is necessary. Carpets are the same way! Quality yarn systems require regular maintenance just like anything else. Think of your carpets just like a giant air filter almost like a secondary furnace filter which harbors all sorts of dust, soils and allergens. Regular Carpet Cleaning with eco-friendly cleaning products can greatly improve indoor air quality which in turn improves the health of the occupants. In addition it also removes soils that cause damage to carpet fibers and greatly increases the life of the carpet. Contact Minneapolis Carpet Cleaner today at 612-789-9600 for a free Carpet Cleaning estimate. The safest products in the industry and guaranteed   services best in Minneapolis and St.Paul!

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