Water Damage from Fire Sprinkler Systems: Get Professional Help Right Away

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If you own or manage a property that has a fire sprinkler system, we hope that it will never need to be used. However, if you do experience a fire, or even just a sprinkler system failure, you may be looking at a big mess and wondering what to do next. 

Although a sprinkler system can protect both a building and its inhabitants, it can also cause significant damage. A standard commercial-grade sprinkler head will release 20-40 gallons of water each minute. If firefighters who can turn them off arrive in as little as five minutes, hundreds of gallons of water will have already fallen.

Even if you don’t experience a fire, sprinkler systems within commercial and residential buildings often experience problems that cause them to release water. This is especially true if the system is older, and pipes or sprinkler heads have started to rust or corrode. These pipes can also freeze in cold temperatures, or be damaged by nearby construction projects. When a fire sprinkler system fails and accidentally discharges, a large amount of water can cover your property and cause significant damage.

Sprinkler System Water Damage: What Minneapolis Property Owners Need To Know

Whether the cause was failure or fire, water damage caused by sprinkler systems needs to be addressed right away. You will be dealing with water that contains dirt, oil, bacteria, minerals, rust, and other sediment. The efficient design of sprinkler systems probably means that your whole property is soggy and saturated, from top to bottom. 

Once you know that everyone is safe, it’s essential to start the water damage restoration process right away to avoid any long-term issues. Sprinkler system water damage can include: 

  • Wet drywall, carpeting, flooring, and other building finishes
  • Wet property like furniture and other building contents
  • Damage to electrical systems and fixtures
  • The development of mold and mildew
  • Standing water that can provide a home for bacteria and pests
  • Structural problems that can grow into major safety hazards

Fortunately, many of these problems have the same solution: Take quick action! Working with a water damage restoration contractor will ensure that the sprinkler system damage is stopped and removed, eliminating the potential for future problems.  Even if you have a cleaning or maintenance team, a mess like this requires the expertise, specialized equipment, and support that a professional water damage restoration team can provide.

Four Additional Benefits to Working With A Water Damage Restoration Contractor

Working with a professional, experienced restoration contractor will ensure that your property is brought back to normal as quickly as possible, but there are several other benefits as well.

One: Less Downtime Costs

When your property is restored quickly, you can get your business reopened or be ready for tenants to move in right away. This can offer big savings against lost sales, production, and rent. If the water damage occurred at your home, you can get your family back to a normal routine much faster.

Two: More Restoration and Less Replacement

Getting help with water damage immediately often makes the difference between a simple water extraction process, and an extensive water restoration project that includes water damage repairs. A fast response allows you to restore and salvage more items, and replace less. One example could be cleaning carpet instead of replacing it. Make sure that you have a relationship with a restoration contractor who offers 24/7 response services.

Three: Access To Specialized Knowledge and Equipment

Water restoration is complex, and at Green Clean, we have almost 30 years of experience and education that we can put to work for you. Our certified technicians will make an accurate assessment and detailed plan for your property, ensuring that you understand both the extent of the damage and the plan for the clean-up. 

Once it’s time to act, we have the right tools, including moisture meters, pumps, dehumidifiers, containment methods, filters, carpet extraction and cleaning equipment, and driers to get rid of all of the sprinkler system water damage at your property.

Four: Help With Insurance Claims

We have lots of experience partnering with insurance agents on claims made for water damage from fire sprinkler systems. We know what to document and how to communicate with insurance companies, ensuring that you get the coverage you are entitled to. We are happy to serve as your trusted guide during this complex process. 

If you are faced with the aftermath of a fire sprinkler system discharge, it’s time to get help that can bring your Twin Cities home or business back to normal. At Green Clean, we know how to tackle each of the many problems that water damage can cause. Contact us today to ensure a safe, thorough restoration of your home or business.

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