3 Red Flags on the Way to Water Damage

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So, who got Mother Nature all riled up again this week? With an extreme winter just behind us, she’s moving straight into extreme spring. She’ll be showing us what she’s got in the precipitation department over the next couple of days – with a vengeance – if the forecasters are right. (And we sure hope they’re wrong.)

We’ve been working overtime on Minneapolis water damage restoration projects the past couple of weeks. The ground is already saturated.  We don’t need more rain, but it’s on its way.

Here are three dead giveaways that could greatly increase your odds of a wet basement. Take a few moments to look around the homestead for them:

  • Gutters and downspouts clogged with leaves and twigs can cause a number of problems. Here’s how to unplug them.
  • Exterior home grading issues can cause water to run toward your house instead of away from it. This problem can develop slowly over time. Before you even realize it, you have the equivalent of a miniature dam on your hands. Water takes the easiest route (down) and works its way into and through cracks and fissures in the foundation.
  • Sump pump running continuously? It may be headed for a breakdown. Either that or it’s sending you a distress signal.

Basement water seepage and sump pump issues are prevalent in wet weather conditions, even if the rain is coming down slow and steady. It’s a very good idea to have a sump pump battery backup or a generator on hand in case the power goes out.

Rain and heavy thunderstorms are in the forecast over the next couple days. Protect your home investment, and your peace of mind, by being prepared.

MN’s Most Trusted Water Damage Emergency Restoration Company.

Being a homeowner In Minneapolis, MN means that you carry a responsibility to care for your home through all 4 seasons we experience. If you are having a water damage emergency please contact Green Clean to get you back to dry, clean, and healthy ASAP. Remember we are the right team, right away.

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