Why Water Damage Mitigation Estimates Are Not Always Possible

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While most of us are accustomed to receiving an upfront quote any time we have work done on our home, it’s not always possible to provide water damage mitigation estimates.

Whether we first supply an estimate really depends.

For one thing, insurance companies don’t require water damage mitigation estimates until the work is complete. It would be impossible to give one in advance due to how quickly things change and the time that may be required to successfully complete a job.

Another reason is there are responsibilities that only the homeowner can fulfill.

We remind others almost daily that time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. That’s because the longer water sits, the more damage is done.

It becomes increasingly more hazardous and costly to remove because of the health risks to humans and the environment.  The faster we can get the work done, the less the insurance company will need to pay out in claims.

Insurance companies do, however, require an estimate for the reconstruction phase.

Many water damage restoration companies have their mitigation estimates challenged, but we seldom experience this because we are fair. In fact, we are often asked to review estimates as a third party for insurance companies.

If it’s work that is not covered by insurance, we will typically provide a ballpark estimate before we begin.

But, if the job is for something that has sat for a long time, we almost always give an estimate before we starting. In cases like this, we’re able to provide an estimate before starting because enough time has elapsed that it is nearly impossible for any additional damage to be done. And it may also be work that is not covered by insurance, depending on the circumstances.

Some estimates we charge for as an assessment and documentation. This would typically be the case for mold remediation when a real estate transaction is involved or pending, or for a home with damage from pets.

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