What is the best way to Clean Carpets Truckmount or Portable Equipment?

Category: Carpet Cleaning

Truckmounted Steam Extraction is still the best option for Steam Cleaning! When it comes to carpet cleaning the Truckmounted Units still give you the most value for your dollar. As of right now there is not a portable cleaning system that can match up to the performance of Truckmounted Steam Extraction at a distance of less than 300 feet. It’s important to remember that just because someone has a Truckmounted Steam Cleaning Unit that they do a good job make sure you get a referral, check references and check with the BBB to make sure they have a good reputation. Hopefully in the future Truckmount manufacturers will start focusing on more Green Technology when they design new machines. Please call 763-789-9600 or visit our website at www.greencleancare.com for information.

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