What to Do When It’s Too Late to Prevent Ice Dams

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You’re busy these days, and you may not have even noticed the formation of an ice dam on your roof. Since they don’t always form only on the roof’s edge, you may not be able to easily spot them from street level. This could easily happen, especially if you leave for and return from work when it’s still dark outside.

Clues to Potential Water Damage Problems

Unfortunately, by the time you realize you may have an ice dam, there may be other problems. You only need to look up to assess whether the damage may already be in progress. If you see parallel lines of moisture on your ceiling called “shadow lines,” you must act quickly to protect your investment in your home.

These dark lines show up when trusses are exposed to low winter temperatures. They act like a thermal bridge to the ceiling below. This creates a cold strip on the ceiling where condensation forms. Over time, this moisture traps dust and results in mildew growth.

When condensation forms or discoloration from water intrusion appears (this may be present as actual mold growth, water staining or actual water dripping from the windows), we recommend calling a certified restoration company for an assessment and moisture testing. Two years ago, under weather conditions somewhat similar to this winter, an unprecedented number of Minnesota homeowners experienced ice dams.

Wherever you find a lot of snow and warming temperatures, you are likely to find ice dams forming on homes where attics are not properly insulated.

Do This When You Have an Ice Dam

If you have spotted shadow lines or other troubling signs, you’ll want to be sure to also check in the attic for additional damage. You can do this yourself if you like.

If you call us, we’ll gladly tell you what to look for. We can also explain how to find a reputable ice dam removal specialist. For starters, they should use steam and never water.

Green Clean can assist with drying out your home from ice dam water damage. Our quick response team will get you dried out before mold and mildew start growing causing more issues than needed. Green Clean’s team of highly qualified and award-winning restoration professionals will assess your specific situation and explain the options you have available.

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