What Type of Mattress is Best for You?

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Running out and buying a mattress seems straightforward, but there is much to think about. First, you may want to consider whether to buy a conventional or an organic mattress.

If you’ve never thought about buying an organic mattress or didn’t even realize they exist, be sure to watch your mailbox for our newsletter, coming out soon. We discuss the flame retardant industry and the varying affects it has on all of us and our home environments.

1. Consumer Reports has a helpful buying guide covering many of the decisions to be made when looking for a conventional mattress. Some of them also apply to organic mattresses.

2. If you have any pains, be sure to learn if the mattress will support your body correctly when it’s in a neutral position.

3. Certain times of year can mean better deals on items. If the clean crisp breezes of spring and signs of green grass have you thinking of buying a new mattress, May is a great time to do it.

4. Interested in learning more about organic mattresses? Moss Envy is part of the solution to removing home toxins. Conveniently located in St. Louis Park, MN, it offers a wide selection of home furnishings. You can learn more about flame retardants and mattresses in their article here.

When it’s the right time to buy a new mattress depends on a lot of things. If you won’t be replacing yours anytime soon, feel free to call us anytime to learn more about our mattress cleaning service.

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