5 Causes of Sump Pump Water Damage

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Having a damp, or even wet, basement is not uncommon. Hence the popularity of the sump pump. They can filter out the water that pools in the lowest part of the basement to stop, or minimize, the water damage that occurs over time. However, if a sump pump fails, you can end up with quite a bit of water damage. Here are 5 ways a sump pump can fail and cause water damage.

Power Failure

If a sump pump has no power, it can’t do what it needs to do, getting water out of the lowest part of your home. You get hit with a double whammy if the power were to fail during a storm, when you need that sump pump to work more than ever. This is when having a battery backup to your sump pump or backup sump pump is necessary. You may want to think about having a generator for the whole home as well.

Installation Problems

A sump pump needs to be installed properly for it to work at all, let alone for the length of time the manufacturer says it should. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly so your sump pump will have a good long life and you won’t have to worry about water damage caused by a failed one. You also want to ensure it is not installed in or near dirt and gravel, so it doesn’t damage your sump pump.


Clogged lines, like discharge lines, can prevent the water from being pumped out of your basement, causing it to back up into your basement. The sump pump will then work harder to pump out the water which will cause it to burn out faster, so it will need to be replaced altogether, increasing the cost to fix the damage. Make sure all lines are clear at all times.

Wrong Size Pump

It’s common sense that a pump that is too small will have to work even harder to pump out the same amount of water. This will cause it to burn out faster than a sump pump that is the right size, which can lead to damage when it stops working well ahead of when you would expect it to. A pump that is too large will also cause problems. Make sure the pump is properly sized for your needs.

No Regular Maintenance

The sump pump should always be maintained. Check it regularly for proper functioning and to make sure all lines are clear. It should never make any unusual sounds and should always be able to pump a steady stream to the outside with no struggles. The movement of the float should never feel restricted. By maintaining your sump pump you know it will work when you absolutely need it.

When the Worst Should Happen…

Sump pumps fail for many reasons, these are just the most common. Even when you do everything right to make sure it doesn’t fail, it still can, and it might when you least expect it and when it is the most inconvenient. It is important to know who to call to help repair the damage and restore your peace of mind. Green Clean Restoration & Cleaning Services can do that quickly and affordably. Contact us today at 763-789-9600 to have a team come out to assess the damage and get to work.

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