5 mistakes people make in the Fall that cause water damage in the Winter.

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As the winter season approaches, there are several mistakes that can be avoided to prevent the dreaded water damage (savings you thousands of dollars, or more).

Clean The Gutters

First things first, make sure those gutters are clean. With the leaves falling throughout the changing seasons, they can easily cause a ter backup that can severely damage your roof. After you have throughout disposed of the falling leaves, inspect your roof to make sure that you do not already have damage.

**Clean your gutters at least twice during the fall season to prevent any damage.

Check The Outdoor Water Outlets

Before the freezing temperatures set in, turn off the water to any outdoor hoses or spigots. If there is any water in the lines during the freezing temperatures, these lines will burst and can cause significant water damage.

Pipe Insulation

As the seasons change and fall gradually becomes winter, you will need to insulate any pipes that are outside or found in unheated areas. These pipes, like the outdoor water lines can burst due to cold temperatures, and cause significant damage to your home. These pipes will be carrying the necessary water for daily use, so make sure to use an environmentally friendly pipe wrap that will keep your pipes warm during the cold months.

Indoor Temperature

Make sure that your indoor temperature is remaining steady at a comfortable temperature during the day and also at night. You do not want your heating unit to run consistently, causing excessive use of water and allowing a build up for damage.

Wall Inspection

Before the temperatures become too cool, make sure you take a solid inventory of your home and check the exterior walls and foundation for cracks. You also need to check your windows and door jams to ensure there are no gaps allowing cool air into your home. If you find any cracks or gaps, make sure to fill them quickly to prevent cool air, snow, and rain from entering your home and causing further damage.

Bonus: Talk to your agent

Typically, we find that most insurance doesn’t cover maintenance neglect, so be sure to keep your home and appliances well maintained. However, we recommend talking with your local agent about whether or not you have sump and sewage backup coverage; this is one of the more common reasons for water damage. Our recommendation is that you take out a policy of $25K+ for this type of coverage, as anything less won’t go far in the need of a slaim. Remember, the best protection is simply being protected.

If you do suffer from winter water damage, contact Green Clean Care here for your restoration needs.

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