5 signs you have water damage somewhere within your home.

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Water damage isn’t something that you want to mess around with. Along with the structural damages, there can also be health-related side effects. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how to spot water damage, and sometimes that’s because it’s hidden. In the blog post we’re going to identify 5 signs that you have water damage somewhere within your home.

If any of these seem relevant to you, it’s our suggestion that you talk with a professional.

Visual stains.

This may be the most common, and easily recognizable sign of water damage. Most likely, you’ll find yellow or brown stains seeping through the cracks in your drywall, corners of the room, or up from the floors. Mold on the other hand is commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, or basements (where excess moisture goes unnoticed). Both stains and mold can be a sign that you have water damage.

Old fashion smells.

Water, especially when left to sit for periods of time (or when it affects items like wood, drywall, etc.) will take on a specific smell; this smell is often times described as a musty or earthy smell. If you are experiencing this within your home, there could be undiagnosed water damage – and mold – within the premises.

Increasing bills.   

Think about it this way: one pipe, dripping 10 times per minute, will drip 347 gallons of water per year. That would cause water damage, and also a raise in your utilities. How closely are you checking your water bill every month?

Falling paint.

Okay, the paint may not actually be falling, but a common sign of moisture behind the wall is peeling paint. When this moisture gets into the wall, the paint becomes compromised and loses adhesive. Just a reminder, you can’t simply paint over the problem, even if some paints are water resistant (the damage and dangers it cause can and will stay within the wall).  

Your health.

One of the most under noticed signs of water damage within the home is the health of your family. Have you been sick recently? Can’t seem to get better? This may be due to moisture and mold; remember, some molds can be toxic to your health. Although this is not a sure fire way to test if you have water damage, we hope it reminds you to think outside of the box a little.

We hope that these 5 signs of water damage help you spot any issues that may reside within your home. Remember, water damage isn’t something you should mess around with. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

-Green Clean Team

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