Animals Should Be Seen, Not Smelled

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Have you ever walked into a house or business and immediately felt the need to turn and walk out? You could smell animal urine and feces throughout the entire place and no one place was better than another. Many times the animal is no longer in the house, yet his or her scent lingers for years to come. More than likely, the owner or previous owner replaced the carpets and the smell still lingered. As disgusting as this may sound, it happens many times, especially in abandoned or foreclosed properties that are being sold “as-is” on the real estate market. The good news is that it can be salvaged without being completely knocked down.

The Likely Story

Many times, people have pets that get sick. As the pet ages, he or she may become incontinent. Similar things happen with adults and the urine smell inside of many hospitals is living proof this is not something just linked to animals or even dirty people. In these cases, however, the family is quite attached to the pet and wants to try to salvage any time they may have left together. So, they try animal diapers and other means. Meanwhile the family wakes up to the fact that the pet has made a disaster of their home. The urine has leaked from the carpets into the floorboards and is not a part of the house. Replacing the carpets may not make the smell go away. Once the devastation wears off, the family must take their house back or move out and leave it as another person’s problem.

The Solution

In this situation, general cleaning and even replacing carpets, as mentioned above, may not help remove the odor that is now a living part of the home. This odor removal must be treated as any other disaster, invoking the need for disaster recovery options. When the odor has become this intense, a need arises to treat the infected area beyond a basic or even severe cleaning job. Floor boards may need to be removed and even walls may need to be treated and potentially new drywall may need to be installed.

The animal odor needs to be thoroughly examined and the area inspected to determine the best plan of action to remove the odor from your home and restore your home to a livable, breathable environment. If you are among the lucky few, a deep cleaning may actually repair the problem. However, more often than not, if the smell permeates throughout the entire home, it is imperative to enter disaster recovery mode and begin to replace infected areas. Sometimes removing carpet or flooring is enough, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s not. It really depends on the amount, type, time and level of penetration into the structural components.

If you are in a situation wherein you need to remove pet odors from your home, contact the experts at Green Clean Cleaning and Restoration at 763-789-9600.  At Green Clean, we take a comprehensive approach listing appropriate options for each situation. For more information on this, please visit our Odor Removal Control page. Our cleaning and restoration experts will inspect the area or areas that are infected and help you determine the best plan of action to clean and restore your home to a clean smelling environment once again.

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