Avoiding the Bad Carpet Cleaning Experience!

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Over my 20 years in the Carpet Cleaning Industry I have encountered countless customers that have had “Bad Experiences” with Carpet Cleaning Services. In my industry mediocrity seems to be the norm which results in unsatisfied customers. One of the biggest complaints is that the individual performing the service didn’t seem to CARE, didn’t take the time to do a good job and left the carpet too wet. A good cleaning Technician will always take their time to make sure the water is thoroughly extracted from the carpet. This means doing a 2nd Dry Stroke with the cleaning Wand to insure that most of the water is removed from the carpet. Overwetting Carpet can lead to all sorts of additional problems like Wicking, Browning or Microbial Growth. If you are going to hire a new Steam Cleaning Service you always ask if they perform the extra drying stroke or you can watch the Technician to make sure he’s taking his time with the cleaning wand.  The Carpet should just feel damp not really wet after the cleaning is finished.  A good cleaning service will always be able to provide you with references but the best way is to get a referral from a friend of relative who’s used the service. At Green Clean we really do care about our customers and their families health. Check us out at www.greencleancare.com and just ask for Shrek!

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