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FAQ Contents, Green Clean Process:

Explore our Green Clean FAQ Contents (Personal Property) page for quick insights into how we manage belongings affected by water or fire damage in MN. Find answers to common inquiries and grasp how our expert team handles content restoration with care and efficiency. Trust us to promptly restore your cherished possessions to their pre-damage condition while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Green Clean do with my belongings that have to be removed from the property?

When we need to remove belongings from your property during mitigation, we collaborate with trusted content and textile vendors. These partners play a crucial role when personal property cannot be stored on-site during mitigation and restoration. Our network includes three vendors, each specializing in various types of mitigation needs and situations. We carefully assess your requirements and connect you with the most suitable vendor, who will then inspect, photograph, inventory, and expertly pack any item removed from the property.

These content specialists are skilled in determining what can be effectively cleaned and salvaged. They maintain a meticulous organization of your belongings while we focus on repairing the structure and foundation of your home. Our goal is to ensure the utmost care and attention to your personal items throughout the mitigation and restoration process.

What if I need something while it’s in storage?

If you need an item from storage, contact your contents manager. We collaborate with content vendors, so they handle inquiries. Retrieving items while displaced is simple. Describe the item and its room to your manager for guidance.

What do I do about the items that have been damaged beyond repair?

Total Loss Items will need to be reported to your insurance company. Ask your adjuster for a Personal Property Inventory sheet that will allow you to report the damaged items and submit for reimbursement. We can provide you with pictures and a written list of the damaged items, but only you will be able to determine the value of the items.

Recovering Your Valuables: MN’s Green Clean Ensures Careful Restoration of Contents After a Loss

Explore Our FAQ on Contents (personal property) Restoration: Gain Confidence in Green Clean’s Commitment to Safeguarding Your Belongings After a Loss. At Green Clean, we dedicate ourselves to helping you stay prepared and protected.

We sincerely hope that your Minneapolis property will never experience an extreme fire, water, or mold loss, but if you do, Green Clean is ready to assist you immediately, in getting your life back to normal. Contact us today to learn more.

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