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FAQ Reconstruction Green Clean Process:

Discover our Green Clean FAQ Reconstruction page for prompt insights into how we handle the reconstruction and repair process for your Twin Cities home. Find solutions to common inquiries and gain an understanding of how our expert team ensures effective communication every step of the way. Trust us to promptly restore your space to a dry, clean, and healthy environment, ASAP.

Our Frequently Asked Questions:

How often can I expect technicians to be working on my reconstruction?

There are many factors that affect our day-to-day schedule. The main factor is that damage to a property is never a planned event, which makes it difficult for us to schedule our crews far in advance. Your insurance company is another factor that may affect the timeline. We aim to start repairs promptly; however, we must submit our repair estimate to your adjuster and await approval before commencing work. The availability of materials for repairs is the final major factor to consider. Cabinets, countertops, specialty trim, doors, windows and special order flooring have a tendency to lengthen the project timeline.

Do Green Clean employees handle all the reconstruction work, or do you utilize subcontractors?

Our commitment is to deliver a peerless standard of service and care. Our dedicated Green Clean employees manage the entire portion of the reconstruction work. There are instances where we may enlist subcontractors. Your project manager closely monitors subcontractors for timeliness and quality to ensure the seamless progress of your project.

We collaborate with trusted partners for interior projects, ensuring they align with our standards and work within your allowances. Please note that we require plumbing, electrical, and mechanical subcontractors to hold valid MN licenses. Additionally, all subcontractors working on our job sites must provide Certificates of Workers Compensation and General Liability insurance, which we maintain in our office.

How do I make material selections?

After signing the contract for the reconstruction phase of your project, we will give you a selection sheet. This sheet will outline the selections you need to make and the material costs allotted for each choice. In certain instances, you may receive a link to a website to make your selections. Regarding paint colors, we can custom match your existing colors and sheen. Should you opt to change paint colors, there may be an additional charge depending on the number of coats specified in the estimate.
*Please note that we will not order any flooring, cabinets or countertops or mix any paint for your project until we receive your signature on a Material Selections Sheet.

Would I be able to choose my own subcontractor?

While we do appreciate your interest in subcontractor selection, at Green Clean, we have trusted partnerships with subcontractors familiar with our work processes and high standards of work. Clients selecting their subcontractors can potentially lead to further delays, as external parties may not be fully briefed on project specifics or our company operations. Our commitment to project quality and efficiency drives us to work exclusively with our established network, ensuring a seamless workflow and high quality results.

Can I supply my own materials?

In our experience, allowing the client to supply materials usually results in significant delays to the project timeline and headaches for the client and the project manager. It is our preference that you do not supply your own materials because we do not warranty materials that we do not supply. Also, to maintain control of the project, we prefer to manage all aspects of the project. If we determine that the client may be better equipped to manage their own repairs or if we suspect the client is attempting to profit from the loss, we will inform them in writing and terminate the Work Authorization Agreement. Any work completed up to that point will be billed accordingly.

What if I want to upgrade or have additional work done?

Many of our clients choose to upgrade materials like flooring or or opt to have “extra work” done while we are in the process of repairs. We are happy to accommodate those requests, however, we’d like to point out the following:

● Upgrades and additional work need a written change order and/or contract to be signed by both parties (Green Clean and Client). Also, incorporating upgrades or extra tasks may extend the project timeline.
● Materials for upgrades or additional work will not be ordered, and labor will not be scheduled until we receive a project deposit.
● Major upgrades performed by an interiors partner may be financed directly through them, not Green Clean.
● We cannot allow upgrades or extra work to delay funds associated with the insurance repair scope. For example, if you have received funds from the insurance company for insurance repairs but still have outstanding work associated with upgrades or extra tasks, you need to submit the insurance funds to us as soon as you receive your insurance repair invoice from Green Clean.

What should I do if I’m not satisfied with a particular aspect of the reconstruction?

At the first notice of any dissatisfaction with the process, please promptly inform your superintendent or reconstruction manager. Early communication allows us to swiftly address and resolve concerns. We’ve implemented measures for a clear reconstruction process, including seamless communication channels and regular project updates. Additionally, we carefully select materials and reconstruction components before the start, to ensure your satisfaction with the final results.

Will I be able to stay in my home during the reconstruction?

If your home isn’t too disrupted and you can stay comfortably during reconstruction, then yes, you’re welcome to stay. We assess this early during mitigation, considering damage extent and daily routine impact. If safe and feasible for you to remain, we’ll accommodate your preference for continuity during reconstruction.

How long will the reconstruction process take?

The reconstruction process duration hinges on two factors: damage severity and insurance company approval efficiency. Loss extent affects repair complexity and time needed, while swift insurance approval significantly impacts the timeline. We value efficiency, collaborating with you and your insurer to streamline approval and ensure timely reconstruction completion.

Do I need to be present during the reconstruction process?

No, you don’t need to be present during the reconstruction. Our dedicated superintendent or reconstruction manager, along with trusted subcontractors, will ensure they treat your home with the utmost care, as if it were their own. However, if you have specific preferences or concerns, we welcome your involvement and can schedule updates or walkthroughs to keep you informed about the progress.

When a Home Loss occurs, Green Clean is MN’s Most Trusted Damage Restoration Company

By understanding our FAQ Reconstruction Questions, you’ll find reassurance in understanding how we can best help you rebuild and get back to your normal life. At Green Clean, we dedicate ourselves to helping you stay prepared and protected.

We sincerely hope that your Minneapolis property will never experience a basement water-damage, or sump-pump failure in any way, but if you do, Green Clean is ready to assist you immediately, in getting your life back to normal. Contact us today to learn more.

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