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Many homeowners have questions about professional carpet cleaning, such as when it should be done, why choose professional cleaning over doing it themselves, and how often. We will answer these and other questions here. Let’s learn about professional cleaning through the answers to these frequently asked questions.

How do I prepare for professional carpet cleaning?

There’s not much that you need to do when preparing for our crew to come in. You should vacuum the area ahead of time, or our crew can vacuum for an additional charge. We will also move most of your furniture to clean the entire area and make sure it is always moved back. If you’d like to move certain pieces of furniture yourself, you certainly can. It’s also best if you remove small knick knacks, breakable items like table lamps and plants, and other smaller decorative items from the area.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned by a professional?

Under normal conditions, a good guideline is to have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year. You may also want to check with the manufacturer to see what they recommend. If it’s a high-traffic area of your home, or if you live in an area where dirt and dust are constantly being brought into the house, you want to get your carpets cleaned more often. Also, if you have small children and pets that are on the floor a lot, you may want to get them cleaned more often.

How long does professional carpet cleaning take?

This varies. It can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes per room depending on the size of the room as well as any pre-treatment that needs to be done before the regular carpet cleaning can take place. Because of the water extraction process that we use, the drying time is minimal.

Is professional carpet cleaning safe for children and pets?

Because of the cleaning agents used in our carpet cleaning process, it is completely safe for children and pets. In fact, it makes your carpets cleaner and healthier for children and pets that lay on or play on and near the carpets.

Will spots resurface after professional carpet cleaning?

Some spots, especially in high traffic areas, can resurface after carpet cleaning. The best way to handle this is to have them cleaned again until the deep-seated stains are completely removed and there is nothing there to resurface. However, depending on the stain and how long it has been allowed to set, some stains cannot be fixed.

Ready for a cleaner and healthier home??

Professional carpet cleaning can result in a much cleaner home as it removes dirt, dust and allergens that can be kicked up into the air when vacuuming and by other activities. Give your family a healthier home through regular professional carpet cleaning from Green Clean. Give us a call at 763-789-9600 to schedule today.


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