The Massive Water Claim that Never Happened

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Why Preparing Matters:

Imagine this scenario: a massive water claim that never happened because you were prepared. This isn’t a stroke of luck but the result of having smart technology in place in your home. Smart detectors, alarms, and battery backups are crucial in preventing water damage from escalating into a catastrophic and costly ordeal. These advanced systems provide real-time alerts and automated responses, allowing homeowners to address leaks or bursts immediately, even if they’re not at home. This early detection and intervention are vital in mitigating damage, reducing repair costs, and ultimately ensuring peace of mind. Investing in these technologies means you are proactively protecting your home from water disasters that could otherwise go unnoticed and cause extensive damage.

Green Clean’s Water Alarm Case study:

A working mom was busy packing and planning for her upcoming family vacation when her smart technology alerted her to a water loss. As she approached the basement, she heard the alarm from the sump pump she had installed. She discovered that the sump pump had malfunctioned, causing water to flood the basement. The good news is that she caught the problem quickly. She called Green Clean, and we arrived within the hour to extract the standing water, saving her carpets and drywall. Thanks to these detectors, she prevented thousands of dollars in damage by acting quickly and was able to return to normal ASAP.

Four Key Take-Aways:

#1: Sump Pump Alarm & Battery Backup

Ensure your home is equipped with a sump pump alarm system and a reliable battery backup. This setup provides early detection of sump pump malfunctions and ensures continued operation during power outages, offering enhanced protection against potential basement flooding.

#2: Water Leak Detection Systems

Adopting advanced smart sensors can help you identify water leaks, shifts in humidity, and other early signs of issues. These sensors work best when placed beneath or behind appliances. We recommend exploring options like Guardian by Elexa, Flo by Moen, or Ting the smart sensor.

#3: Automatic Water Shut Off Valve

Installing an automatic water shut-off valve could be a lifesaver for your home. This device detects leaks and quickly shuts off the water flow, giving you peace of mind and potentially saving you thousands in repair costs by stopping the problem at its source.

#4: Smart App Integration

We recommend integrating smart technologies and devices with your existing home automation systems. For example, adding smart devices like Ring or LeakSMART can enhance your home security and protection 24/7.

How Smart Technology Can Save Your Home, Green Clean is MN’s Most Trusted Water Damage Restoration Company

Are you ready to tell your friends and family about the Massive Water Claim that Never Happened? By implementing these 4 tips, you’re taking steps to better protect your home and prepare for any emergency. Green Clean is here to help your Minneapolis-St. Paul home against unexpected water damage year-round. At Green Clean, we’re dedicated to helping you stay prepared and protected.

We sincerely hope that your Minneapolis property will never experience a water loss in any way. However, if you do, Green Clean is ready to assist you immediately, in getting your life back to normal. Contact us today to learn more.

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